Thursday, October 29, 2009

Here I Am

And come it must. He plunges earthwards winging
Who from the timeless void to heaven once sped,
On airy pinions hovering and swinging
All springtime’s day around the heart and head,
Away and back again forever springing,
Then woe is weal, there’s sweet delights in dread.
So many soaring hearts are dissipated,
The noblest to the One is dedicated.

That’s the third stanza of Goethe’s 1817 work, Primal Words Orphic. This stanza pertains to entering adulthood and our perceptions about it. Consciousness has a way of expressing different aspects of the self physically. Linear time is a measuring stick. We use it to monitor awareness. By the time adulthood arrives the self is moving through time at a faster rate. All our experiences seem more acute and as well as somewhat opaque. We find my self defining life as a series of interlocking experiences that manifest through an outside force. We are observers, as well as a participants. The meaning of love is tied around a fabricated belief structure. Love is rooted in past observations and perceptions, as well as future ambitions and desires. We fine tune this love instrument to play the melody that suits our emotional freedom or lack of it. Love is a chorographical epilogue that changes, as we sense our own identity.

Goethe talks about the us that arrives from a timeless heaven to express and experience our desires. We feel the beauty of spring and we smell the essence of summer. We are mesmerized by the changing fall, and captivated by the freezing winter, which help form a cycle of awareness that continues to open in scope and vision as we allow the self the freedom to connect with the aura of nature. That love is an adult love in physical terms. It is complete, but incomplete in our perception of it. We are the soaring heart. We are spirit dressed in robes of duality, but we are also dedicated to the One; the One of all subjectivity; the One of all objectivity and the One of self in all of its fragmented glory.

And come we must, to this physical awakening to share our energy in uniquely diverse expressions. We constantly move through the corridors of life, changing its dialogue and activities. Here we are in adulthood waiting, but not waiting for events that define what we already know. We are sucking life through a distorted straw, so we can taste the sugar of our own cane. Here we are and there we are unraveling one belief after another in order to soar through time, and then hover over it on a swing hanging from the branch of oneness.

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