Saturday, October 31, 2009

Consciousness Has No Age

But such a confine, such a wall immuring
In odious chafe, is breached and left ungated
Though like the tieless crags it seem enduring!
A being rises light and liberated:
Though showering rain and cloud and mist obscuring
She lifts us up, we soar on wings elated:
You know her well, ranging all zones to find us;
One wingbeat, and the aeons lie behind us!

The last stanza of Goethe’s poem, Primal Words Orphic is rooted in transpersonal thought, as well physical friction. Old age can be annoying and detestable if we believe it is. But, consciousness has no age to resist, unless we create that age. Life has no end to experience; it is constantly soaring on wings of awareness that deposit us in intriguing, as well as expanding dimensions. One thought leaves age behind, and a new moment unravels another focus of consciousness.

Goethe knew the transpersonal aspect of his life and keenly intertwined it with other stages of physical awareness in order to touch the wings of his own soul. His work was not just random thoughts of a human shell. His work has the encapsulating quality of a united spirit. He knew that when we are liberated from the bandages of time, we trek endlessly through other qualities of consciousness and find the ageless point of being.

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