Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chance Is A Word

TYXH, Chance

But easing chance gets round that stern constriction

As with and round us change is all-imbuing;

No more alone, you grow through social friction

And do such deeds as any man is doing.

This life’s an ebb and flow, a contradiction,

A toy that’s toyed with, play for our pursing.

The years have quietly formed the circle’s essence,

The lamp awaits the flame of incandescence.

That’s Goethe’s second stanza in his epic poem Primal Words, Orphic. The poem addresses different stages of human development. This stanza is written about growing in diverse ways. His words are a combination of logical observations and elements that lie beyond those observations. Goethe understands that change is the only constant, but we put change on the back burner of our brains, while it’s sizzling before our eyes. We grow not only through social friction, but through the expression of consciousness within that friction. We find comfort in our social behavior, but discomfort in its restrictiveness.

Life then is an ebb and flow of consciousness. Each experience creates a wave that ebbs in awareness and flows in energy. We travel in a physical circle; we move in rotating cycles and never leave the center of our essence. This self sacrificing struggle climaxes as we enter other phases and begin to see the cracks within our perceptions.

The lamp of awareness is always illuminated, even though our flame vacillates through time. Chance is word with no meaning in the lamp of awareness. Perceptions create the experience of chance. Choices are anointed by our beliefs, and cover by the flame of egoism.

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