Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Other Frequencies

Western philosophers usually assume that intellectual training and analysis alone provide the royal road to understanding. However, transpersonal philosophers, especially those of Asian traditions, such as Vedanta, Sankhya, Buddhism and Taoism think differently. They emphasize that while intellectual training is necessary by itself it is not sufficient for deep understanding. They claim that the mind must be given a multidimensional contemplative or yogic training that refines ethics, emotions, motivation and attention.

Roger Walsh in his essay Hidden Wisdom is pointing out the differences in thought that have developed through the centuries when it comes to different aspects of consciousness. Eastern and Western thought has been divided on the nature of consciousness and exactly what it is. Everyone feels another aspect of self that is the observer of the various physical manifestations that are experienced, but how to access and connect with that observer has created diversity in every aspect of physical life. In the minds of some Westerners, Eastern minds don’t have a handle on truth and Eastern minds sense unawareness in Westerners. That mixture has produced a transpersonal view of reality that is breaking down some of the distortion that exists within both beliefs.

Some Eastern and to a lesser extent some Western philosophies go to the extreme end of the spectrum before they touch the other qualities within it. In order to function as a whole within another whole, we must sense the spectrum of our consciousness.

Awareness opens our transpersonal channels and we change our operating frequency so we can vibrate with it. Eastern philosophies used different methods to achieve this change of frequency, and Western thought is incorporating them into a new, but old way. This process taps into the wholeness that surrounds us.

The integral concept of expressing wholeness is in its infancy in this time reality. But,there’s no doubt that other channels of awareness will open as the collective consciousness continues experiencing other frequencies with different values and realities.

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