Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sip the Nectar

The essential Buddha-nature is a perfect whole. It permeates the finite realms of existence and yet remains everywhere completely whole. Thus every single one of the myriads of phenomena in the universe is the absolute.

Huang Po's, the ninth century Chinese philosopher and master of Zen Buddhism, teachings centered on the concept of the mind. The mind is one mind and all beings are whole within the whole of the mind. When we awaken to the fact that the one mind is a Buddha mind, a Christ mind, a Mohammad mind, and the mind that is worshipped by all religions, we begin to fill in the cracks of separation that keep us suspended in ritual beliefs. Our separation serves a purpose.We see consciousness in physical form.

Huang Po based life on his religious beliefs. He believed the only way to experience what he called the Buddha mind was not to attach his self to anything, meaning the only Buddha is the Buddha within a universal mind. We can find the self leaning on a empty branch of the mind and we can taste it for the second time, and call it the nectar of awakening.

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