Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Biological Validity

And because our reasonings are never so evident nor so complete while we are asleep as they are while we are awake, even though our imaginings while we are asleep are sometimes just as vivid and explicit as those we have while we are awake, or even more so, reason also dictates to us that our thoughts cannot all be true, since we are not all-perfect; what truth there is in them must infallibly be encountered in those we have when we are awake rather than those we have in our dreams

Rene Descartes brings up several points in his 1637 essay, Discourse on Method and Meditations on First Philosophy. The first point is that dreams are just as real as our waking experience although we don’t believe it is since our awareness about how consciousness acts in that reality are not fully understood. Descartes claims that our imperfection creates thoughts that are not true while we’re awake, but they are truer than the thoughts we experience while asleep. That statement is rooted in his belief about God being perfect. Perfect is not final when religion is pulled out of that thought process. Perfect is the state of constant action through physical experiences. In that sense we are perfect.

The concepts that Descartes uses to define selfhood are rooted in the ego’s interpretation of it. The projections of God and the universe must contain a certain amount of biological validity because of the selectivity of significance which exists in the belief structure. The reality of the ego rides on these expressions.

The biological structure and the ego consciousness chose the most comfortable sequence to experience, but in the dream state the ego takes its rightful place within the area of all consciousness and creates a reality that is just as perfect in terms of individual experiences as the waking state.

History however is the ego’s official line of accepted stimuli so the religious history that is embedded in the ego produces the separation it so desperately wants to prolong. As the ego consciousness expands in the stream of non-physical perfection a great deal of neglected data will be experienced and new an identity will be established which includes the reality of the dream state. Our concepts of self and God have been severely limited by our beliefs about what happened in the past, which is created by a separated ego.

Recognizing the more in one reality, meaning more than one self and to a certain degree more than one god will be the focus when the limited self expands in its own reality. This process is similar to flowers opening at different points in linear time even though the consciousness of the plant manifests all blooming simultaneously.

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