Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Is Being Homeless an Inner Consciousness Choice?

The exact number of homeless people in America is shrouded in secrecy. At last count there were almost 1 million homeless living minute by minute in a world with no hope. A few people help feed the homeless and help shelter the homeless, but most people don't give the homeless a second thought. Warren Russell a shrewd business man decided to give the homeless a reason to live and his story changes the face of homelessness.

Follow the Russell family through the eighties and into the 21st century and marvel at the impact that one family has on the homeless issue. Living Behind the Beauty Shop is a story about being consciously aware that all life has value. The realization that thoughts are energy becomes apparent as the story unfolds. Warren Russell’s thoughts turned an old Southern farm into a thriving community where the homeless rebuild their reality using the inner tools of self-appreciation and unity.

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