Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Battleground of Thoughts

What I believe must be considered above all here is the fact that I find within me countless ideas of certain things that, even if perhaps they do not exist anywhere outside of me, still cannot be said to be nothing. And although in a sense, I think them at will, nevertheless they are not something I have fabricated; rather they have their own true and immutable natures.

Rene Descartes in his fifth meditation from his 1641 work, Discourse on Method and Meditations on First Philosophy touches on an aspect of the self that we all know, but ignore. The thoughts we think all have truth and exist somewhere in the consciousness. They are experienced in some form at some point. Some of those thoughts manifest physically while other thoughts manifest in other dimensions or in probable selves, which may or may not be experiencing this time-space reality at the same now point. In that sense they do have their own true and immutable nature.

Consciousness is always conscious of itself as well as its integrity and validity so there is really no such thing as unconsciousness. We called our latent thoughts subconscious thoughts since they don’t manifest in the same way, but we do know they exist at least for a moment of awareness.

The world view of any person is connected and exists within the stream of consciousness that functions without time so these views or thoughts continue and can be tapped into by personalities that open themselves to them. There are varieties of consciousness that focus on specific views of reality, which contain experiences that others exclude.

We all have certain pet ideas that follow the path of certain beliefs and they become the structure for the reality we know. Other concepts or thoughts don’t fit into that structure and we develop a good vs. evil mentality about them, which forces us to create a battleground of thoughts which manifest as living projections.

We become the enemy in the self-created battle between different aspects of the psyche. Descartes thoughts about God represent his battle with the self and that energy manifested as two forms where one is pitted against the other even though they come from the impulses created by the same consciousness.

Reality implies a structure; a group of accepted beliefs about the nature of the self and its self-created world. It is possible not to structure reality; we do it all the time in dreams. Within those dreams there are truths and immutable messages from the consciousness that show us we are living in more than one reality at the same time.

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