Friday, August 12, 2011

A Passion For Connection

Our different purposes are at war with each other. When one can’t crush the other out, they compromise; and the result is again different from what anyone distinctly proposed beforehand.

William James shines a light on our conscious mind in his 1907 essay, The One and the Many. There is an innate purpose in all of us and within all of us there are specific values to be fulfilled. That purpose is usually hidden under the garbage of religious, scientific and political beliefs. We place a great deal of faith in our conscious mind and let our unconscious mind function like a special ops agent. We resist our own energy because we are trained to resist what we don't understand. The unconscious mind is the most misunderstood aspect of the self.

But, some of us have a passion for connecting with the unconscious side of the mind. Some folks deny their sensual life and speak out against the desire to feel all things physical. They immerse themselves in a cosmic pool and massage their psyche until they sense the excitement of being non-physical. The unconscious pool is a hot tub that washes all the impurities of individuality as well as creativity away in the bubbles of bliss.

We are here to feel our physical experiences through our beliefs. Thank God that some sort of God managed to diversify and create millions of different forms of physical consciousness that explode and multiply from the inside out and from the outside in. Thank God that some sort of God had enough love for its own individuality to impress the greatest and the smallest and least and the most with its own unique being. The God of all religions knows itself through this flesh regardless of how that flesh is designed.

Our flesh is a our physical soul. Without the ability to express our soul physically, consciousness would not expand. Individuality is the badge of Godhood. We should all wear it with purpose, and experience it immersed in a physical as well as non-physical sense of unity.

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