Friday, September 9, 2011

Gestalt of Wisdom

There is a certain wisdom of humanity which is common to the greatest men with the lowest, and which our ordinary education often labors to silence and obstruct. The mind is one, and the best minds who love truth for its own sake, think much less of property of truth. They accept it thankfully everywhere, and do not label or stamp it with any man’s name, for it is theirs long beforehand, and from eternity.

Ralph Waldo Emerson in his 1841 essay, The Over-soul is reminding us that there is a greater knowledge within us that speaks even though we don’t listen. We are caught in a web of educated pandering that separates us from other aspects of the self. Our waking reality is the result of a precise organization. Within that organization reality is viewed from slightly different focuses, which function with certain ranges or frequencies. We are tuned into one radio station most of the time, but static from other stations that are functioning just as freely intermingle with our frequency, and we experience other qualities of consciousness.

We form certain focuses and ignore others that are organized in a different fashion. As Emerson points out we are educated to ignore and obstruct these realities in order to fit the mold of normal. But just like the Internet, we can switch to another place in spacelessness, and sense the self experiencing another frequency. The brain is capable of operating on a number of frequencies. Those frequencies play on the senses in a manner that conforms to the data being transmitted. Dreams confirm that fact.

The boundaries we set are our own. There is no man or man-god that approves or disapproves when or if we connect to the essence within us. We carry our cultural beliefs to the point of addiction, and filter out truth and replace with a controlling truth that keeps us in a world of rites and rituals. We experience this primitive behavior in order to recognize the gestalt of aware energy where our true energy resides. That energy is ever-changing and inviolate simultaneously. Our individuality is never destroyed for our existence floats like notes that spew sound along certain frequencies in orchestrated awareness. We play our own melody and change it constantly as the psyche expands.

To the psyche our death has already occurred and our birth has not happened. We exist in a gestalt of wisdom where our essence supersedes the belief in a limited life.

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