Saturday, August 11, 2012

Morsels Of Consciousness

If time is but a stream flowing from past to future,

Why, it’s nothing more than sardine guts!

If all is carried away by it,

Then everything is seaweed along a desolate strand!

Has this stream no end at all?

Then there ought to be an unmapped sea around it.

Shinkichi Takahashi, the world-renowned Japanese poet, describes our time-filled world perfectly. It is a world that is deeply immersed in logical beliefs about time and our unique place in it. Time wraps us in an age-filled bow that can unravel in the blink of a frog’s eye. Our logical egos are encased in this armored plated bow and as it unravels our belief structure changes. Some of our thoughts are not perceived as ‘real’ by our ego as we wander through the unmapped shore of physical consciousness so we park them in the seaweed of the future. As these thoughts sit in this magical mixture, time washes some of the rust off of our armored bows, and we sense the self changing.

Tides of awareness move through our seaweed encrusted thoughts and our sandy faith-filled belief water begins to change our antiquated thought process. Our inner shore of consciousness is filled with probable selves that walk on the edge of time’s existence. Each self is spring-loaded with clusters of awareness and they begin to unravel dimensions of time. Each sandy self on our shore is a morsel of consciousness that creates its own beach as well as its own waves of time.

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