Saturday, December 1, 2012

Chi Consciousness

Human beings are born because of the accumulation of Chi. When it accumulates there is life. There is one Chi that connects and pervades everything in the world.

Zhuang Zi in his book, The Great Happiness talks about the energy of Chi. Zi, one of China’s 4th century BEC philosophers, explains that Chi is an eternal non-physical life force that continues to expand. He also said physical life was limited, but the amount of things to know is unlimited. Zhuang Zi is considered a precursor of relativism. True relativists say there are no absolute truths in physical life. Truth is always associated with a belief within a language or culture.

The energy of Chi is well-known around the world. The actual translation of the word Chi is energy flow. The term is often compared to the Indian notion of Prana or the Western words energeia or élan vital. Other translations of Chi, which is also written as Qi or Ki, are air, spirit and breath. Huang Di, the founder of what is now known as Chinese medicine, believed that Chi is the foundation for all healing. He developed acupuncture to remove self-created internal blockages that limit the flow of Chi through the body.

All matter originates as thought so thought is energy. The body was consciousness before it was matter so it does make sense to address the thoughts that restrict the pure energy of consciousness from circulating through the body. Restricted or blocked energy will manifest physically in some way. Energy is constantly in motion. It continues to move through layers of consciousness, and we feel the effects of that motion. If there is nothing blocking this life force the body functions as it is designed. When we block it with stressful thoughts the body responds.

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