Saturday, May 11, 2013

Information Is In A Constant State Of Change

Facts do not carry labels indicating the appropriate level at which they ought to be considered. Nor does the choice of an inadequate level lead the intelligence into factual error or logical contradictions. When the level of the knower is not adequate to the level of the object of knowledge, the result is not factual error but something much more serious: an inadequate and impoverished view of reality.

E.F. Schumacher, the Buddhist economist, may be considered a bit judgmental by some readers. In the view of our essence, all realities and levels of awareness are acceptable to the conscious mind experiencing them. We attract awareness like a magnet. Awareness always moves toward the consciousness that is attracting it in the form of information. Information is never dead; it is connected to all those who originate, perceive, accept and understand it. Information is in a constant state of change.

The inner portion of the conscious mind is filled with unique information. That information has already been used by some form of consciousness. When the conscious mind stimulates the brain in the direction of that information it becomes new information. That information creates awareness in a psychic channel in the conscious mind. Ideas and imagination are psyche material. They can dislodge unsuitable beliefs as well as create new beliefs. In order to get rid of unsuitable beliefs, the imagination must repeatedly move information in and out of the conscious mind.

When we become aware of the power of our imagination, it can propel new information in the direction of our desires. The brain analyzes new information, and the experiences that result from this process are in line with our current belief structure.

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