Saturday, August 17, 2013

Intensity Of Light

The life of man seems such a splendid fate; the day how fair, and the night as well how great! And we in this sheer Paradise so favored, The sun’s magnificence we’ve hardly savoured When our own striving muddles and confounds us Now with ourselves and now with all around us; And neither complements the other quite, It’s dark without when all within gleam bright, And outward bright goes dulled before my eyes, So near ─ the happiness we do not prize.

Goethe’s reputation as one of the greatest, if not the greatest poet in the German speaking world, is not an inflated description. His 1823 work, Trilogy of Passion, explains the movement of the self as our subjective consciousness expresses physical life.

We create the separation that splits us into a physical self and a formless consciousness. Energy propels us through linear time like a tethered space ship on an unknown journey. We form a structured world that drives us to the edge of darkness in order to sense the intensity of light in our own consciousness.

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