Saturday, September 21, 2013

Renaissance Actors

Modern science has all the knowledge to eliminate most diseases, combat poverty and starvation, and generate an abundance of safe and renewable energy. We have sufficient resources and manpower to realize the wildest dreams humanity has ever had. When we have the means and the technology know-how for feeding the population of the planet, guaranteeing a reasonable standard of living for all, combating most diseases, reorienting industries to inexhaustible sources of energy, and preventing pollution, what prevents us from taking these positive steps?

The answer lies in the fact that all of the critical developments mentioned above are symptoms of one fundamental crisis. In the last analysis, the problems we are facing are not merely economic, political or technological in nature. They are all reflections of the emotional, moral and spiritual state of contemporary humanity. Among the most destructive aspects of the human psyche are malignant aggression and insatiable acquisitiveness. These are the forces that are responsible for the unimaginable waste of modern warfare. They also prevent a more appropriate division of resources among individuals, classes, nations, as well as a reorientation toward ecological priorities essential for the continuation of life on this planet. These destructive and self-destructive elements in the present human condition directly reflect the alienation of modern humanity from itself and from spiritual life and values.

Stan and Christina Grof express those thoughts in their essay Transpersonal Experiences and the Global Crisis. We are all actors in this three dimensional reality. Being actors doesn’t imply the play of physical life isn’t real; it just means we are playing a role, and it’s an important one. Each actor must realize how their thoughts change the play. The play has no script; we write it as we experience it. Our creativity is the main ingredient in our environment.

We are learning the act of actualization in this play. We have the freedom to choose what to create, and we experience our creations in one way or another. Our play is in a constant state of becoming and in that state we have endless possibilities of development. There are a variety of behavior patterns, attitudes and poses that impact that development. What we think we become.

We are renaissance actors that have the ability to affect the spiritual, psychic and artistic self that focuses on the now. The now is a model for what we create and how we perceive life.

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