Friday, October 25, 2013

A Tool Designed By The Soul

Vainly I dug for a perfect sky, Piling a barrier all around. Then one black night, lifting a heavy Tile, I crushed the skeletal void!

Muso Soseki, born in 1275, was a Japanese garden designer, poet and calligraphist. He left an enormous body of poetry behind, but his best known work was Muchu Mondo or Dream Conversations. We don’t realize we have several layers of consciousness adjacent to our focused one, but we do, and we use these layers in our dreams.

We experience these layers as our consciousness blinks in and out of focus. We move from one reality to another, but we don’t recognize what we are doing as we do it. Our beliefs tell us we live in one reality until death, but that fact is just as distorted as the earth being flat. At some point we will recognize when we use these other layers when we are awake. When we do, we will remember our innate truth, which is consciousness is a tool designed by the soul. That attribute can be turned in several directions. We are not our consciousness, but it does belong to us, and our soul. We are on this journey to learn how to use that tool.


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