Friday, October 18, 2013

Dressing In Truth

And yet if we only knew how each loss of one’s viewpoint is a progress and how life changes when one passes from the stage of the closed truth to the stage of the open truth; a truth like life itself, too great to be trapped by points of view, because it embraces every point of view . . . a truth great enough to deny itself and pass endlessly into a higher truth.

Sri Aurobindo viewpoint regarding truth is an interesting one. Truth is never trapped, but it’s often tangled in a web of distorted beliefs. As Aurobindo explains truth does not only embrace our perceptions, it embraces all perceptions. Closed truths adhere to our perceptions. They are a copulation of beliefs, and our beliefs are always in motion.

Open truths are more than graduated thoughts. We only identify perceptions and actions as truths, but there are other truths that move across the vastness of our inner reality. Love, appreciation, and the eternal light of being are some of the truths of knowing. Knowing is the action of awareness dressing itself in truth

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