Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tempest In A Net

Riding backwards this wooden horse, I’m about to gallop through the void. Would you seek to trace me? Ha! Try catching the tempest in a net.

Kukoku, the 14th century Japanese poet, is expressing his thoughts about the freedom of creativity within all of us. We only remember a small portion of the self as we ride backwards in this three dimensional world. The power of consciousness has no limits as it forms the framework of this reality. We create ill health, wars, death and destruction using our creativity and we call it a world.

Every disaster, accomplishment and status quo, is the result of our ability to form the experiences that produce these episodes of life. We check our inner progress by assessing our physical materializations. But, there is nothing to check within the void of consciousness.

Like a tempest in a net, we unleash our creativity, and we experience what we think. What we think, we become, and what we become is just a trace of what we are.

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