Monday, November 18, 2013

The Non-Intervals Of Each Moment

As you’re one with the person you were a second ago or a week ago, as you’re one with the person you’re going to be a moment from now or a week from now, so you’re one with the person you were a lifetime ago, the one you are in an alternate lifetime, the one you’ll be a hundred lifetimes into what you call your future.

Rich Bach wrote those thoughts in his 2004 book, The Messiah’s Handbook. There is so much we don’t know about consciousness. For every moment we exist in this reality, there’s another moment where we don’t exist. The molecules and atoms that fuel the cells within us, pulsate. That means they blink in and out of this reality, and are active in other realities. Science is just discovering that fact, so most of us still don’t believe we are experiencing more than one reality in any given lifetime.

Our consciousness fluctuates. It is here and then it is not. This anomaly happens so quickly we don’t realize the scope of our multidimensionality. We focus on one reality, but we have memory of the times we are not focused in this time/space moment. We have memory of all of our dreams. We have memory of all of our lives, but we believe we exist in time intervals, so we ignore what we don’t comprehend.

We live in this existence, but we also live in the non-intervals of each moment.

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