Saturday, November 2, 2013

Time Pours Down

Time like a lake breeze Touched his face. All thought left his mind.

One morning the sun, menacing, Rose from behind a mountain, Singing…like hope…the trees.

Fully awakened, he lit his pipe And assumed the sun-inhaling pose; Time poured down… like rain, like fruit.

He glanced back and saw a ship Moving towards the past. In one hand, He gripped the sail of eternity,

And stuffed the universe into his eyes.

Shinkichi Takahashi, one of Japan’s 20th century poets, understood time. Time is a psychic organization of experiences. Time does not separate our experiences. Our perception of time separates our events. We perceive our experiences one at a time. Birth and death, beginning and end, are aspects of our experiences. They are part of the experience, not the time.

The whole self or soul never completely materializes in our three dimensional world. Parts of it are projected into our reality at certain now points. The soul considers those points characteristics of its experiences. Time does not exist for the soul. Our focus creates time, but it never sees it. We see our perception of it in our experiences.

We believe time pours down like rain, but the rain is the fruit of our own perceptions.

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