Friday, November 8, 2013

Tomorrow Of Eternity

Dead man steps over sweaty sleeper on the platform, in quest of peace. Thunderously dawn lights earth.

Smashed by the train, head spattered on the track-not a smudge of brain. Nothing left: thought-smoke.

A moment- a billion years.

Don't curl like orange peel, don't ape a mummified past. Uncage eternity. When self's let go, universe is all- O for speed to get past time!

The great Japanese poet, Shinkichi Takahashi, worked as a waiter and then as an errand boy for a newspaper office. In 1921, he produced a mimeographed collection of Dadaist poems. In 1923, and again in 1926 and 1928, he published books of poems that shocked and puzzled, but were warmly received by a few. One critic called him the “Japanese Rimbaud.” That was the beginning of his journey in the art of Zen poetry.

Death is not a closed system. Each part of our soul contains the whole, and the soul continues to create from that whole. The soul knows itself, and it is not confused by our ignorance. There is meaning and energy in each thought. Thought form patterns and probable realities. We are not bound by any corner of existence. We live more than one life and speed past time in order to remember that every spec of now is the tomorrow of eternity.

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