Tuesday, January 14, 2014

We Are The Question

The poet's world is a puzzle, full of wonders, full of questions. All poetry offers answers to questions, though only the poet knows what the questions are.

Shinkichi Takahashi, Japan’s 20th century Master Poet, expressed those thoughts in an interview before his death. Most of us believe that life ends and some eternal rest begins when we leave our body. We believe we stop having experiences, but experiences are a type of energy, and energy is in a constant state of motion.

Our perceptions within the context of time create physical matter and our physical reality, but in our dream reality our perceptions, as we understand them, don't exist. Plus in dreams, our ego doesn't exist and time is psychological rather than temporal. We do have a body image, and we do have a type of perception, but that perception is inner sense perception. Dreams really don't have a beginning or ending. We think they end because we wake up, but all we are doing is changing our focus from one reality to another. (The dream reality to the wakeful reality.)

In the dream reality we create our own time. We are younger at times, older at times and the past present and future blend together. We have experiences in that state. So, in a sense, the afterlife reality is similar to the dream reality. The afterlife has layers or regions, so can experience portions of our life any way we want. That's what we do in dreams.

In this life we are a composite of our experiences. In the afterlife we get to expand our experiences and create new ones. We are the question, and we know the answer.

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