Thursday, February 6, 2014

Any Given Event Or Action

Every time you require a definition you acquire a limitation.

Jani King, the Australian author, wrote that short, but insightful, thought in her book The Gift. We don’t realize how limiting our definitions are because they are learned truths. But when we stop and think about how restrictive our word games are, we find judgmental fences around our reality.

Words like time, the past, and the future are limiting according to our belief system. We forget that the past can be as real as the present, and time is relative to the perceiver. Action is another word that puts limitations on us. We overlook the fact that actions are changed by different attitudes, and new associations. The boundaries we set by our definitions infringes on our ability to think for ourselves in this amazing state of being. We are trapped by our own self-created word borders.

On a subconscious level we react to events without the need for words. Our inner vibrations take over, and we function on one or more electromagnetic frequencies. Some or most of these reactions are screened out by the ego, and not admitted to our waking consciousness.

But when all life’s definitions and actions are taken into consideration, it’s safe to say that we are here to experience the definitions as well as the limitations. We expand our awareness from the use of both them. We learn from our restrictions as well as from our freedom.

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