Saturday, June 28, 2014

Life Without Facades

Griffy the Cooper

The cooper should know about tubs But I learned about life as well. And you who loiter around these graves Think you know life.

You think our eyes sweeps about a wide horizon, perhaps, In truth you are only looking around the interior of your tub. You cannot lift yourself to its rim And see the outer world of things, And at the same time see yourself.

You are submerged in the tub of yourself. Taboos and rules and appearances, Are the staves of your tub.

Break them and dispel the witchcraft Of thinking your tub is life! And that you know life!

Edgar Lee Masters, the 20th century poet, biographer and dramatist, is best known for his work the Spoon River Anthology. Deceased citizens of the town speak from their graves. They finally realize there is no reason to lie. These souls construct a picture of life without facades. Life without facades is something we want to experience, but our beliefs get in the way.

We are submerged in our own tub of beliefs. Beliefs are the hard bubbles of thought that burst into actions. Our actions are filled with the taboos and rules that define us in one way or another. We protect our beliefs by only accepting the bubbles that conform to the inside of our tub. The bubbles that float outside follow another path. That path is also filled with actions, but we consider them frivolous or untrue.

We don’t realize it, but we create facades to protect what we believe to be true. Facades are the face of our truth. That face changes as the bubbles in our tub come and go with the rhythm of time. Truth, like life, is deeper than our tub. Truth reaches into our bubbles before, and after they expand into the experiences within our actions. We grab life from the specific bubbles at certain points in time. Life pops the bubbles, and then makes us aware of the pop. We only know life inside the tub until we begin to experience the pop that takes place outside of our tub. The comfortable facades that we call the only truths fade as another face of truth becomes a bubble in our expanded tub.

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