Thursday, October 9, 2014


‘Tis very strange men should be so fond of being thought wickeder than they are.

Daniel Defoe the 18th-century English merchant and author wrote those words in his book System of Magick. We are taught to believe we are wicked. Our religion tries to save us from our self, but as Defoe points out, there is nothing wicked about us. We exit the womb with a relatively clean slate in terms of wickedness, but it doesn’t take long for the antiquated beliefs of our forefathers corrupts our mental cleanliness.

The religious gurus tell us to give up the vices of the flesh and the desires that make us human. They dip themselves in a virtual steam bath that drives creativity and individuality from their minds. They immerse themselves in a euphoric state of being where their physical experience is washed down the drain of sanity, and into the clogged pipes of a self-created limbo. A part of the entity they believe is beyond the boundaries of the flesh is no longer experiencing the diversity that expands the awareness of a portion of its self. Their human individuality is placed on hold.

Our individuality is our spiritual badge. It never tarnishes from our desires. Wickedness is an association with a belief. Once we become aware of what we believe, we can change or reject a belief. We have more beliefs than we realize we have, and we have less wickedness that we believe we have.

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