Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Single Secret Phrase

When pure statistics and measured features Are no more keys to living creatures,

When dancing and bursting into song proves our most learned scholars wrong,

When all the world is fresh and new and once more Nature to herself is true,

When light and darkness merge their love, into a higher unity above

When fairy tales and legends old tell the true story of the world

Then, but a single, secret phrase shall put to flight our mixed up ways.

German Romantic Poet, Georg Philipp Friedrich von Hardenberg also known as Novalis brought new age thought to the 19th century. He was born in the 18th century, but his work was widely read after his death in 1801. Novalis had a mystical world view thanks to his admiration for Jakob Bohm's work as well as the work of other mystics. His work is considered magical idealism because he combined the natural external world with the will and genius of pure intuition. His work is based on education. Everything, to him, was in a continual mode of expansion, and he felt the world needed to recognize the genius in that expansion.

Some may say that Novalis was ahead of his time. His thoughts were foreign to the mindset of the times, but the message was not completely ignored. As the expansion of everything continued, Novalis, and his work became household concepts in the German-speaking world. So in that sense, he was not ahead of his time. He was a catalyst for the expansion of consciousness in all time. We all have catalytic abilities, but we rarely use them. It’s easier to conform than to question. Our mixed up ways continue until we see the spark of another catalyst and then we react.

As Michel de Montaigne tells us: Every man bearth the whole stamp of the human condition. When we put that stamp in motion, the world becomes a playground. A single secret phrase like this one puts us in sync with who we are:

We are what we see and feel around us until we see and feel the scope of our innate awareness.

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