Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Travel Through Awareness

Beck and Cowan point out that second tier thinking has to emerge in the face of much resistance from first-tier thinking. (The first six waves) In fact, a version of the postmodern Green Wave, with its pluralism and relativism, has actively fought the emergence of more integrative and holistic thinking.

Ken Wilbur in his book A Theory Of Everything continues to open the door of awareness for us so we can understand the nature of Spiral Dynamics. The eight stages or wave of the Spiral have an intimate connection psychologically, but they tend to turn on each other physically in order to establish supremacy. Objective thinking trumps subjective knowledge and a war of wits and sometimes brawn takes precedence. Preconceived debates about the beliefs that fuel each stage in the Spiral rarely solve anything.

We see the actions of Green beliefs and Orange aggressiveness play out around the world. We watch arguments heat up as the Orange Wave tries to convince the Blue Mythic Wave that their beliefs have more rational value in their concept of reality. Green pluralism constantly smothers Turquoise holism. Red egocentrism totally ignores the Purple Wave, and the Purple belief in magic puts a hex on Green. The Green Wave accuses the Yellow Wave of being authoritarian, sexist, racist, and hierarchical. The Green Wave has been in charge of cultural studies for the last thirty years, and that wave wants to keep it that way. That mind-set has made it difficult for the Green Wave to move into more holistic stages of awareness.

The fact is unity is present within the eight stages of awareness, but individual beliefs and the reality they create for the perceiver get in the way of creating an objective form of conforming discernment. We have a tendency to discount beliefs that are not part of our particular stage of awareness, and that has a major impact on the validity or the existence of the Spiral. But the truth is we travel through awareness on the vehicle of time in order to experience an assortment of challenges and accidents along the way. The lessons and emotions we live on our journey are personal road signs that show us the diversity as well as the nature of our own awareness.

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