Monday, April 12, 2010

Beliefs Regulate Our Reality

There are two types on the path. Those who come against their will, the blindly religious people, and those who obey out of love. The former have ulterior motives.

They want the midwife neat, because she gives them milk.

The others love the beauty of the nurse.

The former memorize the proof texts of conformity and repeat them. The later disappear into whatever draws them to God.

Both are drawn from the source.

Any movings from the mover

Any love from the beloved

Anyone who has read Rumi’s work will immediately recognize his thoughts. Rumi has the ability to travel through linear time and sit next to all of us. He used his imagination and created myths that bridge our psychological gaps in knowing. Myths help us connect our instinctive knowing with certain individualized beliefs. Rumi spent hours writing about myths and piecing ideas together so we could draw a mental picture of our consciousness. His work is simple, but his ideas are complex if we accept his words at face value. We have a diverse mixture of beliefs and Rumi has a story about each one of them. He understood that our ideas about who we are must be examined because they do materialize in the flesh. Our beliefs regulate our reality.

We are expanding our consciousness. Consciousness is not a thing; it is a characteristic and attribute. Expansion is related to desire and knowing. We know more than we believe, but we block that knowing using doubt, fear and opposing beliefs. We are a universe within a universe. Our cells are suns and planets. Each one is filled with energy from the conscious mind. Energy can be directed to any portions of the body, and if it is not blocked by disbeliefs any illness can be healed. Energy, as Rumi points out, moves us in this reality. Energy will continue to move us as we change our myths and expand our imagination.

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