Saturday, September 7, 2013

Nervous Energy

The place that Solomon made to worship in Called the far Mosque, is not built of earth Of water and stone, but of intention and wisdom And mystical conversations and compassionate action.

Every part of it is intelligence and responsive To every other. The carpet bows to the broom. The door knocker and the door swing together like musicians. The heart sanctuary does exist, but it can’t be described. Why try!

Solomon goes there every morning and gives guidance with words. With musical harmonies and in actions, which are the deepest teachings. A prince is just A conceit until he does something with generosity.

Rumi hits our ten pound bag filled with nervous energy when he shares his thoughts with us. Science is just discovering what Rumi understood eight centuries ago: Thoughts creates and influence matter. A church or mosque is not just stone or brick; it is a composite creation of thoughts.

Thoughts and beliefs create places and we develop a story around those thoughts. Intention and wisdom fill the cracks in the mortar, and appreciation dresses the interior with the action of consciousness.

Worship is a form of awareness. It should not turn into idolization. There is nothing to worship outside of the self. The environment and everything in it is an extension of the self. Everything material extends outward from our consciousness. Physical reality is just one form of reality. We value it because we focus on it. We choose this reality to physically feel the action within our experiences.