Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pure Family Identity

Pure identity has no form. Identity is composed of energy. It takes up no space and no time. Even the smallest particle is inviolate. It may grow, develop, change alliances or organizations and combine itself with other identities. Separate identities can merge with others in a give-and-take gestalt in which the overall intent is extremely clear. The earth represents the most exquisite physical, spiritual and psychic cooperation.

Jane Roberts in her 1979 book The Unknown Reality Volume II opens the door of hard-to-answer questions, and we shake our head in amazement. There are certainly more questions than answers when it comes to identity, but we like to ignore the questions and rely on faith. Why we like to do the things we do, and why we act the way we do are questions for the experts. We don’t have time to answer questions about our thoughts and actions. We let someone else do that for us. Ken Wilbur and other psychologists have a good idea why we act and do things in a certain way, but they start their analysis at birth. Roberts explains our identity before birth.

Trying to comprehend what we did before birth is certainly esoteric thought at its finest. But what if the reality or realities we experienced before and after exiting from the womb were related to a psychic family of some kind. Perhaps we all have essence families that provide the source energy we need to emerge into this space-time reality. The word family, in our belief system, denotes the foundation for our social, religious, political, economic and legal system. So, in a sense, our psychic family would be a rainbow of consciousness which blends intents into a cohesive, but diverse cultural modality. Each color in the rainbow would represent a family, but the colors would gradually blend in with other as the associations and influences within our belief system change and expand.

Several people have written about these psychic families, and the consensus is there are nine basic families with an infinite number of sub-families that emerge as our beliefs intermingle from reality to reality. That means we may have characteristics of more than one of these families in this reality. Roberts lists the characteristics, colors and names of the nine basic families in this reality this way:

Sumafi (Su-ma’-fi) (Seers) Black

Milumet (Mil’-u-met) (Watchers) Red

Gramada (Gra-ma’-da) (Formers) Orange

Vold (Vold) (Hearers) Yellow

Ilda (Il’-da) (Tellers) Green

Sumari (Su-ma’-ri) (Speakers) Blue

Tumold (Tu’-mold) (Readers) Indigo

Zuli (Zu’-li) (Imagers) Violet

Borledim (Bor’-le-dim) (Bearers) Pink

It’s important to note that we are not born into a specific family. We magnate to a family through our intent before birth just like metal is drawn to a magnet. We could change families, or we could be drawn to family to experience a certain event or intent. It’s important to know that all essence families have individuals that display characteristics of other families so families do incorporate qualities of each other. Here is a short description of each family.

The Sumafi Family focuses on teaching. It incorporates teachers of every element and every subject of our existence. Many individuals in this family are connected with universities or museums. They may be religious or government leaders. They can be found in any area of society that relates to teaching.

The Milumet Family focuses of spiritualism and mysticism. This Family is usually found in primitive tribes around the globe, but not always. They do not concern themselves with social or political involvement. Their focus is seeking the truth, so they hold an extraordinary connection with animals and nature.

Members of The Gramada Family are creative organizers and initiators. They are artists, musicians, physicists and architects. They are initiators of modern ideas that come from another area of consciousness.

The Void Family focuses on reform. They have no interest in the status quo. They change themselves, government locations and the elements around them. They want to change the world. This family is a passionate, restless and emotional group. They can connect with others thanks to their tremendous understanding and compassion. They have precognitive abilities and have a strong sense of knowing.

Members of The Ilda Family are very likable and extremely verbal. They are great communicators and love to travel. They are our seaman, merchants, gypsies and any individuals that travel and exchange ideas about cultural habits. They are colorful individuals and they mingle with all levels of society.

Sumari Family members are spiritual, playful and creative. They are doers that incorporate action in every field they choose. They are independent and are not shy or introverted. They do not align with religions, government or particular societies. They are the rebellious group. They are the non-conforming initiators.

Members of The Tumold Family are the healers. These individuals are in the medical profession, or they may be mystical or cultural healers. These people may be physical, psychological or spiritual healers. They are found in all walks of life.

The Zuli Family are performers and athletes. They have a deep appreciation for the beauty within physical form, but they are preoccupied with the physical body. They understand how it works, and they can manipulate it and form living art. Their mind and bodies are deeply connected.

Members of The Borledim Family primary focus is creating new individuals. They are very family-oriented, and excellent parents. They take great care, and nurture balanced centered individuals. They help produce individuals for other essence families. The Borledim family possess understanding affection and tremendous patience. They can align with another essence family to produce the stock for that family.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Travel Through Awareness

Beck and Cowan point out that second tier thinking has to emerge in the face of much resistance from first-tier thinking. (The first six waves) In fact, a version of the postmodern Green Wave, with its pluralism and relativism, has actively fought the emergence of more integrative and holistic thinking.

Ken Wilbur in his book A Theory Of Everything continues to open the door of awareness for us so we can understand the nature of Spiral Dynamics. The eight stages or wave of the Spiral have an intimate connection psychologically, but they tend to turn on each other physically in order to establish supremacy. Objective thinking trumps subjective knowledge and a war of wits and sometimes brawn takes precedence. Preconceived debates about the beliefs that fuel each stage in the Spiral rarely solve anything.

We see the actions of Green beliefs and Orange aggressiveness play out around the world. We watch arguments heat up as the Orange Wave tries to convince the Blue Mythic Wave that their beliefs have more rational value in their concept of reality. Green pluralism constantly smothers Turquoise holism. Red egocentrism totally ignores the Purple Wave, and the Purple belief in magic puts a hex on Green. The Green Wave accuses the Yellow Wave of being authoritarian, sexist, racist, and hierarchical. The Green Wave has been in charge of cultural studies for the last thirty years, and that wave wants to keep it that way. That mind-set has made it difficult for the Green Wave to move into more holistic stages of awareness.

The fact is unity is present within the eight stages of awareness, but individual beliefs and the reality they create for the perceiver get in the way of creating an objective form of conforming discernment. We have a tendency to discount beliefs that are not part of our particular stage of awareness, and that has a major impact on the validity or the existence of the Spiral. But the truth is we travel through awareness on the vehicle of time in order to experience an assortment of challenges and accidents along the way. The lessons and emotions we live on our journey are personal road signs that show us the diversity as well as the nature of our own awareness.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Waves Of Awareness

Human development is not a linear ladder but a fluid and flowing affair, with spirals, swirls, streams and waves. It appears to be an almost infinite number of multiple modalities.

Ken Wilbur, in his 2000 book A Theory Of Everything, explains human development in simple, but very foreign terms. We like to separate humans by race, religion, political views and the social-economic power we strive to achieve, but those qualities and beliefs are not what distinguish us from each other. There are waves of awareness that mix and mingle with each other as we play the lead part in our physical role.

What Wilbur and other psychologists like Don Beck, Christopher Cowan and Clare Graves have done is develop a map of all the structures, stages, levels, types and waves of human consciousness. The result is a comprehensive snapshot of what they call Spiral Dynamics. Spiral Dynamics explains the fact that stages within our consciousness are not rigid or stationary. Each stage of consciousness overlaps, interweaves and meshes waves of beliefs together in multiple admixtures that create mosaic choices and blended states of unfolding awareness.

Spiral Dynamics labels these eight waves of existence with colors as well as names. The first six waves are considered subsistence or first tier modes of thinking. The next two waves are second tier or integral levels. Each level holds a degree of social power, and a certain percentage of the world population. The focus is on types in people not types of people. Each level has certain core beliefs that impact how they view the world around them.

Over ninety-eight percent of the world population falls into one or more of the first six waves or levels. Each wave is important to the whole spiral, but we tend to discount other waves that don’t meet our concept of reality at certain stages of awareness. Each wave is a reality, and everything connected to that wave has value to the perceivers in that wave. The challenge we have is identifying the waves and then accepting them as a complete world view. The stages and waves will continue to mesh and blend as our world view of reality expands from a one-word definition to the action of energy that exists within all life.

Here are the eight waves and the percentage of the population and power in each of them. The population figures are fourteen years old, so they are estimates now.

The Beige or Instinctual Wave is characterized by survival. Necessities like food, warmth, water, sex and safety rule behavior. We see this wave in newborn infants, late-stage Alzheimer’s, senile elderly, starving masses, mentally ill street people and shell shock victims. 0.1 percent of the population fall into this wave. They have 0 percent of the social power.

The Purple or Animistic Wave focuses on magical spirits good and bad, forms ethnic tribes, and believes and incorporates curses, blessings and spells to determine events and future experiences. We see this wave in family rituals, third world cultures, gangs, corporate tribes, and athletic teams. 10 percent of the population displays this wave, and they incorporate 1 percent of the world’s social power.

The Red or Power God Wave lives by the urge to believe in powerful beings which include Archetypal gods and goddess, spirits, dragons and feudal lords. They display characteristics of impulsiveness, egocentric behavior, and heroic mindset. The world to them is a jungle full of bad guys and threats. Enjoys the self to the fullest and tries to outfox, conquer and dominate others. We see this wave in kids in the terrible twos, feudal kingdoms, gang leaders, New-Age narcissism, epic heroes, rock stars and soldiers of fortune. They incorporate 20 percent of the population and have 5 percent of the social power.

The Blue or Mythic Wave incorporates the belief that life has purpose and meaning. The outcome is the result of the action of a powerful Order or exalted being. The religious Order enforces a strict code of conduct based on the principles of right and wrong. Code violations demand serious consequences but following the code yields some sort of lasting reward. There is only one right way and a wrong way to think about life and the rigid social higher order judges that behavior. This wave is strongly conventional and extremely conforming. We see this wave in Puritan America, China, religious fundamentalists, Girl and Boy Scouts and the moral majority. They hold 30 percent of the social power and 40 percent of the population.

The Orange or Scientific Wave is characterized by an escape from the herd mentality. They seek the truth using rational deduction and objective experiments. They believe in natural laws, which can be learned, mastered and used as manipulation tools. They are high achievers and are very concerned with materialistic gains. They believe the laws of science rule human events, and the economy. The world, to them, is like a chess board. The winners gain perks and prominence over the losers. The earth’s resources are there for strategic gain. We see this wave in Wall Street, emerging middle class, cosmetic industry, The Cold War, The enlightenment set, fashion industry, and corporations. They hold 50 percent of the power and 30 percent of the population.

The Green or Sensitive Wave is all about human bonding, ecological sensitivity, networking and open communication. They believe the human spirit must free itself from greed, divisiveness and dogmas. They cherish the earth and feelings trumps cold rationality. They are against the hierarchy and cherish relationships. They believe subjective thinking and conscious multiculturalism along with a relativistic value system bring harmony to the body mind and spirit. We see this wave in postmodernism, Greenpeace, animal rights, human rights advocates, Canadian health care, humanistic psychology and Netherlands idealism. They hold 15 percent of the social power and 10 percent of the population.

The Yellow or Integrative Wave believes that knowledge and competency supersede status, power and group sensitivity. The current world order is the result of different levels of reality, which contain unending probabilities and choices. Spontaneity, flexibility and functionality are the highest priorities. Differences are lessons, and they are part of the natural flow of non-judgmental discernment. They hold 5 percent of the power and 1 percent of the population.

The Turquoise or Holistic Wave unites feelings with the knowledge. They believe multiple levels of consciousness mesh into one conscious waking system. There is a universal order, and that order supersedes the external rules of the blue and green waves. The whole is greater than its parts. All life unites in the free flowing stream of the whole’s consciousness. There is unending unification within the energy that exists in all awareness. This wave has 1 percent of the social power and 0.1 percent of the population.

The interesting point in all of this is we can identify some of our beliefs in the first six waves. The beliefs in last two waves are still foreign to some, but the wave of awareness is ready to wash over all of us, and when it does we will experience the reality within those two stages as a united, but diverse species of consciousness.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Natural Learning Process

Human beings begin their evolution through the great spiral of consciousness, moving from archaic to magic, to mythic to rational to perhaps integral, and from there perhaps into genuinely transpersonal domains. But for every person that moves into integral or higher, dozens are born into the archaic. The spiral of existence is a great unending flow, stretching from the body to mind to soul to spirit, with millions upon millions constantly flowing through that great river from source to ocean.

No society will ever simply be at an integral level because the flow is unceasing, although the center of gravity of a culture can indeed drift upward as it has over history. But the major problem remains not, how can we get everybody to the integral wave or higher, but how can we arrange the health of the overall spiral as billions of humans continue to pass through it, from one end to the other, year in and year out.

Ken Wilbur, in his book The Theory Of Everything, does an excellent job describing the contrast that exists within human consciousness. We are all born into the archaic state of consciousness, and then move through different stages as our awareness expands. Age, influences and associations expand our awareness. Some of us find a niche of some sort in a particular stage and stay there. Our beliefs influence that decision.

Once we feel comfortable in a certain stage we have a tendency to attack other stages in several ways. The type of attack depends on the influences and associations that surround our beliefs. Some levels are more aggressive than others; some are more agreeable than others. All stages are experienced by us as we expand in awareness, but that expansion may not happen in one lifetime.

Each form of consciousness has its own codified system within a particular electromagnetic light range. That means there will always be different levels interacting at the same time in this unique state of reality. We choose to experience this type of reality to the emotional feel the probabilities that develop from the contrast created by different stages of awareness. It is a natural learning process inherent in our particular type of consciousness.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sooner Than Later

Briefly, what I am proposing is that the psychology of the mature human being is an unfolding, emergent, oscillating spiraling process marked by progressive subordination of older, lower order behavior systems to newer, higher order systems as an individual’s existential problems change.

Each successive stage, wave, or level of existence is a stage through which people pass on their way to other states of being. When a human is centralized in one state of existence, he or she has a psychology that is particular to that state. His or her feelings, motivations, ethics, and values, biochemistry, degree of neurological activation, learning system, belief system, conception of mental health, ideas as to what mental illness is and how it should be treated, conceptions of and preferences for management, education, economics and political theory and practice are all appropriate to that state.

Clare Graves, a professor and originator of a Level Theory of Human Development, does an excellent job explaining the diversity that exists in this reality. His theory is the foundation for the concept of Spiral Dynamics. Human nature is an ever emergent open-ended system of awareness.

Graves' theory is used throughout the field of psychology today. His work opened the door for Ken Wilbur and others to establish a Theory of Everything, which is an integral vision for Business, Science, Politics and Spirituality.

Graves' theory explains the different levels of consciousness that are interacting in human form at the same time. We have a tendency to use race, religion and politics as tools to define the thoughts of individuals, but it is the level of awareness of being that defines us from those around us. Our individual beliefs in each stage create the reality we experience.

When we apply Graves’s theory to the present conditions that exist around the world, we clearly understand why peace is such an elusive state. Different levels of consciousness are interacting with each other at the same time. The first stages or levels are interacting with higher stages, and the result is conflicting viewpoints of reality. The beliefs in each stage are valid to the believer until they move to the next level of awareness. That movement may take centuries, or it may happen within a particular century. As we know our awareness is moving at an accelerated rate, so we may see a change in the way we interact sooner than later.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


From wonder into wonder, existence opens.

Lao-Tzu, the founder of Taoism, wrote that thought over twenty-five hundred years ago. There is some speculation that Lao-Tzu was not just one man, but a group of men. Those men wrote the Tao Te Ching. The true Lao-Tzu may be a Chinese myth, but the truth written in the Tao is truth enough. Taoists believe Lao-Tzu is a man and a god, who understood the nature of the psyche in ways we don’t accept.

Our consciousness is a complicated, coded system rooted in light values or frequencies we don’t understand. Every form of consciousness has a different code system, and every form of consciousness operates on one or more frequencies. Our psyche is the supernatural radio. That radio picks up different frequencies. Our conscious identity is just one signal on one station in that radio. The frequency we use creates our viewpoint about reality. At times, we tune into other stations, but those signals may be weak due to the strong signal we receive from our belief system. Our belief system is a product of our frequency.

When we begin to open our belief system, wonder takes over. The psyche instigates wonder. Wonder is the ability to search for stations already known, but muffled by our viewpoint. Once we accept the wonder as a tool, we fall into the wonder, and it becomes a method to change our frequency. Other existences begin to make sense because the psyche adds a connection, which becomes another station. The psyche is always adding new connections and stations. From the wonder comes the awareness of multidimensional frequencies.

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Nature Of Being Human

When your spiritual center begins to manifest, your ego-consciousness integrates with it, and you begin to be “lived through,” as it were, by the spirit. Your living becomes a spontaneous, effortless flow.

Eva Pierrokos wrote those thoughts in her 1990 book, A Pathwork of Self-Transformation. Eva does an incredible job explaining the fact that our consciousness forms the blueprint and the foundation for our physical experiences. We don’t think about our consciousness all that much. Our mind is part of our consciousness, but we don’t acknowledge that marriage as such. We are confused by the words we use to describe the inner workings of consciousness. The ego, consciousness, mind and soul have diferent meanings to each of us. Religion does a very good job of confusing us when it comes to pinpointing the differences as well as the similarities that exist within us.

If we try to distinguish our ego from our spirit, we fall into the void that develops from our massive belief system. If we try to explain the difference between the mind and the soul, we lose ourselves in a timeless tunnel of beliefs that has no beginning or end. We are confused by the terminology that describes us, so we look for help wherever we can find it. That help is usually found in a new belief or an old one. Our beliefs guide us and help us make sense of the dynamic segments of our consciousness. If not for our beliefs we would flounder through our physical experiences without focus. Our beliefs make the diversity that exists within our consciousness real to us.

We may not understand what our consciousness truly is, but we totally understand what we think we believe it is. Whatever we belief is real in the effortless flow of consciousness. The names we use to describe us are part of our beliefs about the nature of being human. The nature of being human is part of the nature of being consciousness. We only need a few words to describe our physical being, and those words have a different meaning to each one of us. But no one can deny the fact that we all are a spontaneous consciousness with a specific focus.

Monday, September 1, 2014

A Muddy Mental River

Ignorance prevails as long as the will remains cheated by its own offspring or its own image, consciousness, in which the knower always stands distinguished from the known. The darkness of ignorance cannot be dispelled because it is its own self.

D.T. Suzuki wrote those thoughts in his book, Doctrine Of No Mind. We all taste the water of ignorance as we travel through this physical life. Ignorance is a faithful companion, but it changes as we change. We are not always ignorant of things, but we are always ignorant of somethings.

Ignorance is a free-flowing muddy, mental river. As we experience life, facts and tangible things pull themselves out of the muddy waters of ignorance, and we see another side of our mind. Suzuki explains that ignorance is its own self. We think that self treats everyone the same, but that sameness has its own unique way of manifesting. We never really know ignorance until it disappears or is suddenly awakened by a mental nudge.

Our minds contain invisibles civilizations. Each mind has a personal history, geography and a unique personal culture. Ignorance lives in that culture in many different forms. There are peaks and valleys in the geography of the mind, and ignorance lives in every geographic fold within them. We travel some of these mental roads in ignorance. Our only tool on our journey is our ability to experience. Experience is a mind opener and an ignorance finder. Once we find ignorance we absorb it, and it becomes part of our mental personal history.