Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A History Of Denials

The greater life of every individual exists in the framework that originally gave it birth. What that framework is, and how it functions, is a mystery. Seeing the self in physical form is a major accomplishment. No amount of information or the accumulation of a vast amount of facts gives us the inner knowledge we use to grow from an infant into an adult. That journey is one of the most difficult journeys in physical life, but it is also one of the easiest thanks to the connection we have with our inner nature. We intuitively realize we are immersed in and a part of our physical growth, and it seems to happen on its own. Growth happens through the framework we lose contact with, while we focus on the world we live in.

Religion has been the vehicle we use to connect to our inner nature. But the messages within religious thought have been distorted by eliminating knowledge that does not conform to accepted beliefs during certain time periods. People often leave religions searching for that eliminated knowledge, and some people never find it. Churches have altered many of the old records that explain our inner framework, and we accept the distorted beliefs. Those beliefs hinder us from relying on the natural growth and learning process within our inner framework.

The attainment of adulthood means a lack of purpose for many people. Their only purpose is to rely on religion to give them guidance, and that often means denying the physical body or procreating for the sole purpose of keeping the human species alive. We interpret the private events in our life through these powerful myths. We create a history of denials in order to conform to our filtered assumptions and perceptions about our individual reality.

If our greater life exists in this unknown framework, then death is not an affront to life. It is a continuation inside the framework of our own nature. Going back to that framework is an individual accomplishment and the beginning of a life that explains why we accept the history of denials in this physical life.