Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Those Lost Inside Love

The immortal Sufi poet, Rumi, had a lot to say about his reality. One of his sayings was: “Don’t try to figure what those lost inside love will do next.” There it is. Thanks, Rumi. We are lost inside love. We want to find out who we are and who is best. The essence of consciousness is calling us. We don’t answer. Or we answer with our version of love. You know that version. Love that judges. The love that covets. The love that is selective and self-serving. We keep looking around this world and we blame. We never see the inside from the outside. And outside, we are told, is our life.

Life is a pleasure and we dip it in experiences. We compare experiences and try to adjust them to conform. Yes. There is comfort in the mass not knowing. Not knowing we are knowing is a tiring adventure. There is comfort in pushing our self into a prefix that turns words into other words. We try to be happy, but being a prefix we turn that word into unhappy. That is the rub, isn’t it?

Those lost inside love forget various levels where existence flows in a canal overflowing with vibrations. Soothing vibrations. These energetic aspects of consciousness tune us to the nearest station, and we create individual realities.

Here’s the secret we don’t try to figure out: We exist in multiple realities. We focus on one, then another. And we continue to experience the thrill of those realities. We are the black holes of physical existence. And we suck everything in around us. We use that everything, and create an individual reality within a mass reality, and then we change our focus.

We are lost inside the love of one reality until we change our focus to another reality. And in those other realities, we become the essence within them. Yep. But we are the essence of our own earthy reality too, and in a way, we will continue to experience that reality using a different vibration. We do it now in dreams. We are the almighty, vibrating, creative mirror, and the faces we see in it.