Thursday, August 22, 2019

Divergent Thoughts

My books come from a spontaneous, free-flowing, non-linear way of thinking. The psychologists call that thinking process Divergent Thinking. People familiar with Seth, and other non-physical energy personalities call it vibrational harmony. The thoughts in my books create an emergent cognitive feeling of knowing. The knowing we are more than we imagine.

In my Novel Screenplays, and poems there is an element of latent awareness in the words I use. Words are the symbols we use to communicate our feelings, emotions, and perceptions. The words I use to express a fourth-dimensional aspect of our consciousness bring some clarity to the experiences we call miracles, superhuman achievements, and unreal events.

We are human by choice. A choice made by the non-physical inner personality aspect of our consciousness. We call that non-physical personality, the soul or our spirit.

Our inner personality is more than a forgiveness-seeking spirit. Our inner personality constantly sends us messages about what’s happening in our outer world. The messages from this unexplained dimension manifest as impulses and thoughts. Our brains process the impulses and thoughts, and we automatically match them with our belief structure.

If the impulses and thoughts don’t fit our beliefs, we judge them. Our inner personality allows our outer personality to render judgment. Judgment is the foundation for most religions. There is great awareness in all religious experiences. Religion expands the awareness of people who want to experience God as a separate entity.

But there is no separation in consciousness. Consciousness is the action of energy. Our energy vibrates at different frequencies, and at frequencies, we are not physically aware of. Energy does not need a body to express itself. The energetic action of consciousness creates aspects, levels, layers dimensions, and other physical and non-physical forms of consciousness. We focus on this level of consciousness in order to expand our awareness of these other dimensions of consciousness.

Achieving a sense of our fourth-dimensional consciousness gives us an opportunity to do what all the great artists, musicians, and sages do. They turned their outer personality inward and let their inner personality send them divergent thoughts that become structured convergent ideas. That type of wisdom sharing is part of all ancient religions.