Monday, May 13, 2019

The Other Side Of Us

Narcissus vanished. All that remained was the fragrance of his beauty - constant and sweet, the scent of heliotrope. His task was only to behold himself. Whatever emanated from him he loved back into himself. He no longer drifted in the open wind, but enclosed himself in a narrowing circle and there, in its grip, he extinguished himself.

Rainer Maria Rilke, the early 20th- century German poet, uses his inner personality to express the bridge between our physical and inner personality. Poetry is the expression of our inner personality, and Rilke’s physical personality mastered that expression. The Rilke poem above came from the Uncollected Poems by Rainer Maria Rilke A Year With Rilke by Joanna Macy & Anita Barrows.

In my new novel screenplay, Pine Cone Pandemic With Acorn Dressing, people connect with their inner personality through their interaction with seven pine trees and three oak trees. In the book, “inner personality” is synonymous with “the soul.”

“Soul” is the word religion uses to describe the part of us that exists in other versions of reality. Our souls are subject to abuse, according to Western religious teachings. We abuse our soul when we break religious rules. Religion sentences our soul to eons of fiery punishment if some of our physical experiences trash those rules.

Everything is consciousness. And every expression of energy including the expressions of the Earth and the Universe are forms of consciousness. There are different energy levels and different expressions of energy within those levels, but we don’t call them that. Our energy is on the same frequency as the consciousness we call God. But God’s on a different wavelength within that frequency. Our wave tends to ignore the inner self. It’s like being on a fuzzy-sounding radio station. But our connection to God is always intact. It is fuzzy-sounding in parts, but the original connection never goes away.

As long as people feel disconnected, they will believe they owe God something for experiencing thoughts, emotions, and desires in order to physically experience them. Fuzzy-sounding God connections create the dis-remembering. We forget we came here to experience our thoughts and emotions and to expand our consciousness, and the consciousness we call God. Like the oceans, consciousness or the action of energy takes on many forms and contains countless aspects of consciousness that experience physical life in their own way.

Our inner personality exists in an expanding ocean of awareness. That awareness is always available and able to jump the psychological road blocks our egos put up. Our inner personality helps us get as much awareness as we allow our egos to give us in this physical reality. Our decisions build the foundation for our expanding awareness.

Those decisions may be fear-coated-ego-choices that don’t work out the way we expect. But we expand from the pain within those kinds of choices. When we build a bridge between our physical ego-based personality and our inner energy personality, the pain dissipates and remembering begins.

Everything in our reality is a form of consciousness. Other living forms may not express their physical consciousness in the same way. But the desire to expand in consciousness is why they exist physically. Expanding in awareness is an attribute of all consciousness.