Sunday, July 27, 2008


This face you got,
This here phizzog you carry around,
You never picked it out for yourself,
At all, at all, did you?
This here phizzog somebody handed it
To you, am I right?
Somebody said, “Here’s yours, now go see
What you can do with it.”
Somebody slipped it to you and it was
Like a package marked:
“No goods exchanged after being taken
This face you got.

Carl Sandburg wrote that poem. Somebody or something is always giving us something. We don't realize our choices play a role in what we experience. Somehow we became models built by a godly entity, and we travel through time with our free will switch in the off position. We allow the beliefs of others to become our beliefs. We sign on as a clone and act as if we had nothing to do with what we believe or who we are.

This veil of separation has kept us locked in a box of distorted mental cracker jacks with no prize inside. We wait quietly for someone else to open the box and let us out. Our consciousness knew how to create before we manifested physically. We used the action of consciousness to expand our awareness of being physical. We function physically thanks to the non-physical energy that is the foundation for all consciousness.

We exist in a stream of non-energy, and it flows through us all the time.

Believing in the power of individual consciousness dissolves the veil of separation, and we sense other aspects of the self. We create what we experience through our emotionally charged thoughts and beliefs. The people we blamed or praise for our experiences are there to assist us on our awareness journey.

Phiz means self or face, and zzog meaning made. We are self-made forms of consciousness that continue to create in order to physically and emotionally feel our experiences.