Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Pinnacle Of Instability

Ah that our Genius were a little more of a genius! We are like millers on the lower levels of a stream, when the factories above them have exhausted the water. Our life looks trivial, and we shun to record it. Men seem to have learned of the horizon the art of perpetual retreating and reference. `Yonder uplands are rich pasturage, and my neighbor has fertile meadow, but my field,' says the querulous farmer, `only holds the world together.' All our days are so unprofitable while they pass, that 'tis wonderful where or when we ever got anything of this which we call wisdom, poetry, virtue.

Emerson thoughts from his 1844 essay, Experience. should be a wake up call. Emerson knew the Western Civilization’s social structure had serious flaws back then, and that structure is even worse now. Western Civilization gets an A+ when it comes to organizing a mass social structure that is NOT about expressing true appreciation for the diverse, angry, and creative people who keep it running. The issues that face workers in previous centuries are the same issues we currently experience. The characters are new but the thinking process hasn’t changed.

The walls of legal stealing, male-hidden-agenda-politics, and politically motivated religion are molting because the age of technology is bringing the power of individual thought back in fashion. Our awareness is leaping through a self-created thought machine and the vibration is giving us the energy to create an individualistic revolution with magnetic qualities. We are taking back the spare key to our quiet place because this pinnacle of legal and structural instability is turning us into the lapdogs of people in suits, and the deranged supporters of the Medici style banking and Trump style denials.

But we are finally allowing our thoughts and emotions to act like the invisible cells they are. We forget that thoughts come from the brain’s responses to that other part of our personality. Thanks to that other personality, we are dropping our veil of forgetfulness so all our thoughts can build new social and legal thought structures that refresh this age of deconstruction.

By adding and subtracting to that structure, similar thoughts will automatically bond together and form a more understandable legal and social structure. Thoughts bond together just like cells they are. And when we energize those bonded thoughts with a strong emotional focus, we find the trail to that upper stream.

Without getting into the nuts and bolts of it all, our beliefs haven’t caught up with our modern thoughts. We are still a fear-based, greed-driven, self-serving, and judgmental animal. We are still trying to know how to be one of the upper people using the old, antiquated structure. It’s time to throw off these old Romanesque legal blankets and send them to the thought cleaners. Once there, the insidious legal bugs that pop out of nowhere and infiltrate our belief system, will finally take their rightful place in the history of flatulent dreams.

Our imagination creates new thought structures, and our dreams give them relevance in a multi-dimensional kind of way. Consciously, and unconsciously, we think so we can experience things physically. And we find ourselves living the thoughts that turn into things in what seems like strange and unplanned physical events.

Wisdom sits in an infinite sea of thoughts, while our beliefs are caught in a three-dimensional coral reef. Old beliefs fight for survival as the infinite sea of thoughts breaks a soul-awareness wave over our animalism, war-like cynicism.

Everything is a thought before it is a physical thing. When we believe we are poets, we break down a belief door, and we let modern thoughts step over it. When we believe we are artists, we paint thoughts in the minds of others and our collective individuality meet and bond just like our internal cells. And when we believe we are the workers, who turn modern thoughts into collective structures that change the systems that restrict, inhibit, and neglect individuality, we build a world full of geniuses. We are all geniuses when it comes to creating thoughts that build an individual reality. And when we realize our genius is too precious to waste on a down-stream and senseless structure of failed pre-historic thoughts, we do high-five with our ego and our super-soul.