Friday, June 14, 2019

Fourth-Dimensional Realism

You Are The Secret Of God’s Secret

You Are The Mirror Of Divine Beauty

Everything In The Universe Is Within You

Ask All From Yourself

The One At Whom You Are Looking Is

Also You


The Secret Of God’s Secret communicates with us through the electromagnetic impulses we receive from our inner personality. This two-way communication device needs no equipment, and it only needs service when our physical personality encounters self-induced egotistical brain farts that cloud our connection to our inner personality. While we are in this cloud, we find ourselves in a physical world of exquisite beauty, incredible challenges, and the physical as well as mental roots of genetics. It is a magical mixture of consciousness.

Religion teaches us we’re children of God without explaining what this God is. They say he’s the all of everything and he watches over all of us in some display of superhero divinity. That’s a good story. And in a fairytale kind of way, the story explains God without explaining him.

Religious stories point out we are small aspects of the God we worship. That means we actually worship a part of us that doesn’t need worshipping. All parts of us desire awareness, not worship. There is no separation between our consciousness in our three-dimensional world and our consciousness that is aware of fourth-dimensional realism.

Just like the trees, we participate in the expansion of our consciousness in our own way in order to physically feel the awareness in these self-designed bodies. The inner personality aspect of us created our physical body just like the roots of trees create and express the inner personality of their roots.

Our inner personality is an aspect of our form of consciousness. We call this action of energy “the mind” or “the soul.” They are words to describe what religion calls our spirit. Our spirit is the inner part of our outer personality, or what I call our inner personality in my new novel screenplay, Pine Cone Pandemic With Acorn Dressing.

In Pine Cone Pandemic, the main characters find the answers to some of the questions religion and history don’t answer about why we experience this reality and who we really are. The characters develop their ability to interact with the consciousness of pine trees. And from those interactions, the group begins to understand who they are, and why they are in this reality using an individual reality to experience it.

The consciousness of consciousness expresses itself in its self. All expressions are aspects of God’s consciousness. We communicate and express ourselves using our inner personality when we face a monumental mental challenge or when we discover we are the creators of our reality. When we discover the only way to find a way through the mental pain is to look within, we find our fourth-dimensional realism. Within us are multi-dimensional layers of consciousness overflowing with non-physical wisdom.

When we allow our physical personality to allow and appreciate the abundant scents of wisdom within our inner personality’s fourth-dimensional realism, we become intentional creators.