Tuesday, December 20, 2016

New Age Election

Imagination is the catalyst for creativity. What we imagine becomes our reality in one way or another. We like to tweak what we create. We color our creations with emotions, influences, and associations. Our experiences are filled with the wet paint of expansion. We don’t believe that. Just like we don’t believe we expand in storms. All kinds of storms. Nature shows us how we react in storms. People die in storms, and death means the end to us. But storms also create a transformation of consciousness. Nature highlights that transformation by dividing itself into four seasons. We go through different psychological storms that break down our bodies and poison our minds. We create those psychological storms in order to experience and feel them in this reality. Our imagination never fails us in a storm or in the calm.

The recent election has created a storm for many people. The thought of a New York businessman as president is a scary one for many people. This election created a mental storm, and that storm is colored with fear, anger, joy, betrayal, and sadness. All of that energy is floating around the planet, and it will manifest in all of us, in some way.

This is not the first time that someone was elected with a hidden agenda or a plan that goes against popular opinion. The world is more connected now. Past elections were nationalistic creations. This election was a global one. The world wants a major storm. The world wants politicians and lawyers to ride in the rumble seat of life for a while. Lawyers and politicians created a system that started off with a resourceful bang. But the bang turned into a colossal nuclear explosion of principles, and fragments of those principles are scattered like autumn’s dead leaves.

So this new storm is bringing new leaves to our psychological playground. No one knows what those leaves will look like, but we all know they will be different. We could be in the winter of our psychological season, freezing in agony from a senseless choice, or we could be heading for the hot summer begging for rain to put out the fire of overactive egos. Some of us want to create a spring shower that will make new political creations grow within us. Others want the slight touch of fall to clear the nasty legal debris that sits by and waits for a chance to infect us with unwanted political rhetoric. Whatever creation we choose one thing is certain. We will all experience this new age election in our own way, and we will all expand from the psychological season we choose.