Monday, July 4, 2022

Love Calms Things Down

Independence Day! Flagg Stands And Prays!

Stars And Stripes Caught In Fright.

Autocrat Is Up To Bat

Swinging Low And Raking In Dough.

Mind Control’s Where Slippery Eagles Roll.

Stars Galore Walk Thru That Door

Into Cells Where Energy Roars.

Trillions In Debt, Healthcare Train Wreck.

Congress Times Two Is Quite A Zoo.

It’s Rear End Stench Hits The Bench.

Pieces Of Differences. Specs Of Crust.

Marks Of Physical Rust

In Every Thrust.

Holy Truck Earth’s In Flux

Beards Of Fear Attract Lots Of Peers

In A Foggy Mist

Where Freedom Does The Twist.

It’s A Swan Ball, History Brawl.

Broken Fences Revenge Consensus

Legions Of Ruffled Clowns

Continue To Frown.

They Forget.

Love Calms Things Down.