Sunday, February 21, 2016

All Dream Experiences Are Real

Your life is divided into two worlds. You will encounter people and places that exist in a different time, and you will know them. Know that all you experience in those worlds is real. Everyone you meet and everything you do in dreams happens somewhere at some time.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Soul Travel: An Excerpt From Black Orchid Night

"When your inner self or soul enters this three-dimensional life from another reality, the energy waves that propel it break into a number of conscious particles. These particles spread out and form individual lives or focuses. Quantum physics tells us that’s true. Some doctors call these conscious particles reincarnational lives, but they are really simultaneous lives. So you have counterparts of you — we all do, by the way, living at different points in time and in a different place. I call them different planes or levels of reality. In your dream, the city is the same, but the year is different. Your consciousness, without your ego, is able to cross into this plane and experience that particular reality in dreams. Others do it while meditating.”