Saturday, April 9, 2022

Hungry Bats

Angel Boat Got God’s Vote.

Dumbbells Of War Pulled Death Ashore.

Convictions Build Walls — Acceptance Falls.

Narrow-Minded Roads Make Cells Explode

From The Pain In Fear’s Refrain.

Ego’s Joke Crumbs Do Float

In The Bowels Of Political Cows.

Star Dipper — Grab A Zipper

Kick The Can Is Anger's Plan.

Strap-In Time

Whimsical Will, Take That Pill.

Mother Cloud Dresses Loud

Storms By The Pound

Misery Got Its Own Merry-Go-Round.

Clusters Of Thoughts Drawn Taunt

Into A Bow Of Mighty Wows.

Fly Above The Cracks Without The Smack.

Suggestions Turn Into Facts

In A Mob Of Hungry Bats.