Monday, March 13, 2017

Neurotic Events

Private beliefs can distort the events that connect an individual with other people. We all interpret events in a personal manner, but there is a psychological meeting ground where shared events become personal events. Private symbols are thrust over sense data, and the result is a physical world that impacts the framework for experience and human relationships. The conscious mind interprets sense events, and freedom of action for physical and psychological mobility occurs. Our imagination colors and charges this mobility, but the power behind this action is our emotions.

Emotions are in overdrive right now. Our mobility is interrupted by our distorted beliefs. We believe the world is in trouble, so our focus is on trouble. The troublemaker is an emotional individual who colors his world using sense data that borders on paranoia. His paranoia is hidden under nationalistic banners. The paranoid organizes his psychological world around his obsessions, and he disregards everything that does not apply until all things around him conform to his beliefs. Unprejudiced sense data would bring relief, but the fine balance between mind and matter is compromised and rules in one direction.

People have followed paranoid people for years. There is a certain attraction between people who disregard the beliefs of others. Paranoid champions turn into fanatics sooner than later. Some have already crossed the border into the world of fanaticism. Fanaticism has a strong hold on the human aspect of the psyche. Religion is deeply immersed in fanaticism, and so are political and social institutions. The trick is to recognize the distortions before they become habit forming. Jumping from one fanatical idea to another is addictive. Individuals are swayed by the sizzle more than the taste of the fanatical belief. Fanatics ignore the psyche’s grandeur, and their connection to nature is eroded, when fanatical behavior becomes the norm. Life becomes a grand imbalance wrapped in neurotic events.