Friday, May 19, 2023

The Meaning Of Getting There

There are no mistakes. The events you bring upon yourself, no matter how unpleasant, they are necessary in order to learn what you need to learn.

Whatever step you take is necessary to reach the place you’ve chosen to go.

Richard Bach wrote that thought in his book Messiah’s Handbook. Bach reminds us that our mistakes have creativity flowing through them. They open the door for unforeseen probabilities that change the course of our life.

We learn from all our thoughts and actions. The actions we call mistakes are nothing more than a choice that conflicts with our belief in right and wrong. The words right and wrong are associations. They mold our core belief structure.

The ego does not know where to go until it gets there. Many egos get there and still do not know where they are. Our beliefs hinder us from knowing the meaning of getting there.

In one sense, we never go anywhere. All things come to us through our probability bank. We act out our chosen probabilities and mix them with a seasoned cup of time.

That mixture creates our waking reality. As we stir this mixture with thoughts and emotions, we feel the creations that develop from the electromagnetic concoctions that dress our ego. We live in a whirlpool of influences and associations that mold our awareness.

Awareness is where we are going. We never get to the point where we stop expanding. We are always in motion, but we never go anywhere. We are right where we choose to be as we wait to experience another whirlpool of influences and experience them in one unique way or another.