Friday, December 20, 2019

Family Trance

Family Trance Uncles And Aunts,

Santa Wears Baggy Pants.

Holiday Wishes Energy Kisses

Love’s Our Music Man.

Credit Card Stew, Destiny’s Flu.

Overboard Shuffle, Candy Coated Truffles

Life’s Inner Brew Is Calling You.

Another Tree, God Bless Thee.

In a Haze, New Year’s Rage.

Black Eyed Peas Power Seeds

Harmony Bees Are Calling,


Mental Notes, Hearts That Soak

Physical Matter’s

Overactive Bladder.

Glory Be. Enlightened Me.

Time Is Clear Change Is Here

Family Trance, A Yearly Dance.

Grooving In The Beat

Of Love’s Music Man.

Family Trance

H.T. Manogue

From: Echoes From The Wind

Release Date: 2020

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Circling The Drain

The Backside Of The Law Started Circling The Drain.

The Orange Colored Rumpster Made The Elephants Dare To Bare The Comedic Notes Of Worthy Hares.

That Run In Tandem With Blank Stares.

The Ego-Stroking Rumpster Had A Midas Touch.

That Wiggles And Screams As Herds Of Jacks Split Hares,

And Break Themselves In Two.

But The Backside Of The Law Keeps Circling The Drain.

Dripping A Homegrown Mixture. And A Nasty Stench.

From A Rumpster Filled With Mobster Mensch.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

A Code Of Silence

A Code Of Silence TestsThe Walls Of Freedom.

Tattered Beliefs Slip Through Partisan Clouds As Aspects Of Those Beliefs

Dance In Rhombic Disorder Looking For A Right Angle

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Shivers Of Logic

The mind made to work, ever since the awakening of the intellect, under the strictest discipline of logical dualism, refuses to shake off its imaginary cangue. It has never occurred to us that it is possible for us to escape this self-imposed intellectual limitation; Indeed, unless we break through the antithesis of “yes” and “no” we can never hope to live a real life of freedom.

And the soul has always been crying for it, forgetting that it is not after all so very difficult to reach a higher form of affirmation, where no contradicting distinctions obtain between negation and assertion.

To speak in the abstract, the idea is to reach a higher affirmation than the logical antithesis of assertion and denial. Ordinarily, we dare not go beyond an antithesis just because we imagine we cannot. Logic has so intimidated us that we think and shiver whenever its name is mentioned.

D. T. Suzuki, Professor of Buddhist Philosophy at Otani University was born in Japan in 1901. Suzuki influenced the work of Thomas Merton, Aldous Huxley, and other thinkers who pushed the envelope of logic to its breaking point within them. Logic, according to D.T. is a belief worthy of dissection and exposure.

Logic is the study of the principles of valid demonstration and inference. It is what Webster calls correct reasoning or valid deduction or induction. Valid usually means something binding and in compliance with laws. We believe in logic. It is one of the building blocks for our physical energy personality’s belief system.

But our inner energy personality does not recognize logic or time. Our inner personality expands in a stream of connected non-physical consciousness where form is unnecessary. Since time is the duration of objects, there’s no need for time in some other dimensions of consciousness.

Consciousness or the action of energy creates experiences in more than one reality at a time. Obviously, Seth and other non-physical energy personalities don’t exist in the logic we believe. That belief blocked part of our multidimensional personality from physically experiencing experiences that do not conform to our version of logic. We gave out inner personality or soul to the Kings of Separatism, religions.

Kant claimed logic is really the science of judgment. Judgment rules in a world of separation. Professor Suzuki used Zen to connect to his inner energy personality. But he didn’t call it that. He called it a higher affirmation of his soul. He reaffirmed his connection with that part of his multidimensional consciousness through Buddhism.

Suzuki knew his inner personality or soul could give him the guidance to reach his higher affirmation without the need for logic. Our inner personality expands as we expand in awareness. And as our physical and inner energy personalities vibrate in harmonic awareness, a psychological union occurs.

In that flow of psychological consciousness, we create experiences that bring Seth and other non-physical energy personalities into our dimension of reality. We create them because they are aspects of our consciousness. Our inner energy personality has many aspects to its energy.

At some point in physical time, our awareness will expand enough to accept the fact we are non-physical energy personalities experiencing a physical reality that gives us each the opportunity to create an individual reality that helps our inner personality expand in other dimensions of consciousness.

The shivers of logic fade when we realize we create our belief about logic. And we constantly change that belief as we become more aware of the non-physical energy personality that is us.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Divergent Thoughts

My books come from a spontaneous, free-flowing, non-linear way of thinking. The psychologists call that thinking process Divergent Thinking. People familiar with Seth, and other non-physical energy personalities call it vibrational harmony. The thoughts in my books create an emergent cognitive feeling of knowing. The knowing we are more than we imagine.

In my Novel Screenplays, and poems there is an element of latent awareness in the words I use. Words are the symbols we use to communicate our feelings, emotions, and perceptions. The words I use to express a fourth-dimensional aspect of our consciousness bring some clarity to the experiences we call miracles, superhuman achievements, and unreal events.

We are human by choice. A choice made by the non-physical inner personality aspect of our consciousness. We call that non-physical personality, the soul or our spirit.

Our inner personality is more than a forgiveness-seeking spirit. Our inner personality constantly sends us messages about what’s happening in our outer world. The messages from this unexplained dimension manifest as impulses and thoughts. Our brains process the impulses and thoughts, and we automatically match them with our belief structure.

If the impulses and thoughts don’t fit our beliefs, we judge them. Our inner personality allows our outer personality to render judgment. Judgment is the foundation for most religions. There is great awareness in all religious experiences. Religion expands the awareness of people who want to experience God as a separate entity.

But there is no separation in consciousness. Consciousness is the action of energy. Our energy vibrates at different frequencies, and at frequencies, we are not physically aware of. Energy does not need a body to express itself. The energetic action of consciousness creates aspects, levels, layers dimensions, and other physical and non-physical forms of consciousness. We focus on this level of consciousness in order to expand our awareness of these other dimensions of consciousness.

Achieving a sense of our fourth-dimensional consciousness gives us an opportunity to do what all the great artists, musicians, and sages do. They turned their outer personality inward and let their inner personality send them divergent thoughts that become structured convergent ideas. That type of wisdom sharing is part of all ancient religions.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Emergent Thoughts

Can you find another market like this? Where, with your one rose you can buy hundreds of rose gardens?

Where for one seed you get a whole wilderness? For one weak breath, the divine wind?

You've been fearful of being absorbed in the ground or drawn up by the air. Now, your waterbead lets go and drops into the ocean, where it came from.

It no longer has the form it had, but it's still water. The essence is the same. This giving up is not a repenting, It's a deep honoring of yourself.

When the ocean comes to you as a lover, marry, at once, quickly, for God's sake! Don't postpone it! Existence has no better gift. No amount of searching will find this. A perfect falcon, for no reason, has landed on your shoulder, and becomes yours.

Rumi explains a lot about our existence in his poem The Seed Market. Rumi understood humans live in a seed market where every thought is a seed. Thought seeds grow and become beliefs that influence our perceptions. Thoughts are just like our cells. They create and support our body consciousness with the same or different perceptions. Perceptions are projections of our individual and mass reality.

Emotionally charged thoughts create a psychological bridge where similar thoughts interact with each other. When we create enough emotional thoughts through our perceptions as well as the perception of others, we develop beliefs.

Some beliefs start before birth. They are in our DNA. Our DNA beliefs are our hidden beliefs that manifest with our parents help after birth. Hidden and physically-created beliefs give us a sense of who we are, and who we don’t want to be. Our beliefs have a strong defense. Any thought that doesn’t conform to an accepted belief system is an invader.

War is part of our hidden belief system. We are warriors who defend our perceptions and the perceptions of other like-minded thinkers. The thought we exist and participate in what I call a fourth level of consciousness is one of those invading thoughts. The old thoughts want to keep our belief system functioning in just one particular area of three-dimensional awareness. When we allow a fourth-dimensional awareness into our current physical focus, the experiences we create from those invading thoughts changes our three-dimensional awareness. Rumi knew we were thought-seed markets.

Rumi said for any rose he can buy hundreds of rose gardens. Any thought can produce abundance like that if it has a fluid connection to our inner personality. That means we believe we create what we experience. We are what we think, and when we change the way we think about who we are, we begin to understand Rumi’s thought-seed market has been inside of us all along.

Rumi said for any rose he can buy hundreds of rose gardens. Any thought can produce abundance like that if it has a fluid connection to our inner personality. That means we believe we create what we experience. We are what we think, and when we change the way we think about who we are, we begin to understand Rumi’s thought-seed market has been inside of us all along. Our inner personality is our perfect Falcon.

The characters in my latest novel screenplay, Pine Cone Pandemic with Acorn Dressing found a way to communicate with their fourth-dimensional inner personality. When they did, they became aware of other forms of consciousness willing to share information with them through their fourth-dimensional consciousness relationship with pine and oak trees.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Fourth-Dimensional Realism

You Are The Secret Of God’s Secret

You Are The Mirror Of Divine Beauty

Everything In The Universe Is Within You

Ask All From Yourself

The One At Whom You Are Looking Is

Also You


The Secret Of God’s Secret communicates with us through the electromagnetic impulses we receive from our inner personality. This two-way communication device needs no equipment, and it only needs service when our physical personality encounters self-induced egotistical brain farts that cloud our connection to our inner personality. While we are in this cloud, we find ourselves in a physical world of exquisite beauty, incredible challenges, and the physical as well as mental roots of genetics. It is a magical mixture of consciousness.

Religion teaches us we’re children of God without explaining what this God is. They say he’s the all of everything and he watches over all of us in some display of superhero divinity. That’s a good story. And in a fairytale kind of way, the story explains God without explaining him.

Religious stories point out we are small aspects of the God we worship. That means we actually worship a part of us that doesn’t need worshipping. All parts of us desire awareness, not worship. There is no separation between our consciousness in our three-dimensional world and our consciousness that is aware of fourth-dimensional realism.

Just like the trees, we participate in the expansion of our consciousness in our own way in order to physically feel the awareness in these self-designed bodies. The inner personality aspect of us created our physical body just like the roots of trees create and express the inner personality of their roots.

Our inner personality is an aspect of our form of consciousness. We call this action of energy “the mind” or “the soul.” They are words to describe what religion calls our spirit. Our spirit is the inner part of our outer personality, or what I call our inner personality in my new novel screenplay, Pine Cone Pandemic With Acorn Dressing.

In Pine Cone Pandemic, the main characters find the answers to some of the questions religion and history don’t answer about why we experience this reality and who we really are. The characters develop their ability to interact with the consciousness of pine trees. And from those interactions, the group begins to understand who they are, and why they are in this reality using an individual reality to experience it.

The consciousness of consciousness expresses itself in its self. All expressions are aspects of God’s consciousness. We communicate and express ourselves using our inner personality when we face a monumental mental challenge or when we discover we are the creators of our reality. When we discover the only way to find a way through the mental pain is to look within, we find our fourth-dimensional realism. Within us are multi-dimensional layers of consciousness overflowing with non-physical wisdom.

When we allow our physical personality to allow and appreciate the abundant scents of wisdom within our inner personality’s fourth-dimensional realism, we become intentional creators.

Monday, May 13, 2019

The Other Side Of Us

Narcissus vanished. All that remained was the fragrance of his beauty - constant and sweet, the scent of heliotrope. His task was only to behold himself. Whatever emanated from him he loved back into himself. He no longer drifted in the open wind, but enclosed himself in a narrowing circle and there, in its grip, he extinguished himself.

Rainer Maria Rilke, the early 20th- century German poet, uses his inner personality to express the bridge between our physical and inner personality. Poetry is the expression of our inner personality, and Rilke’s physical personality mastered that expression. The Rilke poem above came from the Uncollected Poems by Rainer Maria Rilke A Year With Rilke by Joanna Macy & Anita Barrows.

In my new novel screenplay, Pine Cone Pandemic With Acorn Dressing, people connect with their inner personality through their interaction with seven pine trees and three oak trees. In the book, “inner personality” is synonymous with “the soul.”

“Soul” is the word religion uses to describe the part of us that exists in other versions of reality. Our souls are subject to abuse, according to Western religious teachings. We abuse our soul when we break religious rules. Religion sentences our soul to eons of fiery punishment if some of our physical experiences trash those rules.

Everything is consciousness. And every expression of energy including the expressions of the Earth and the Universe are forms of consciousness. There are different energy levels and different expressions of energy within those levels, but we don’t call them that. Our energy is on the same frequency as the consciousness we call God. But God’s on a different wavelength within that frequency. Our wave tends to ignore the inner self. It’s like being on a fuzzy-sounding radio station. But our connection to God is always intact. It is fuzzy-sounding in parts, but the original connection never goes away.

As long as people feel disconnected, they will believe they owe God something for experiencing thoughts, emotions, and desires in order to physically experience them. Fuzzy-sounding God connections create the dis-remembering. We forget we came here to experience our thoughts and emotions and to expand our consciousness, and the consciousness we call God. Like the oceans, consciousness or the action of energy takes on many forms and contains countless aspects of consciousness that experience physical life in their own way.

Our inner personality exists in an expanding ocean of awareness. That awareness is always available and able to jump the psychological road blocks our egos put up. Our inner personality helps us get as much awareness as we allow our egos to give us in this physical reality. Our decisions build the foundation for our expanding awareness.

Those decisions may be fear-coated-ego-choices that don’t work out the way we expect. But we expand from the pain within those kinds of choices. When we build a bridge between our physical ego-based personality and our inner energy personality, the pain dissipates and remembering begins.

Everything in our reality is a form of consciousness. Other living forms may not express their physical consciousness in the same way. But the desire to expand in consciousness is why they exist physically. Expanding in awareness is an attribute of all consciousness.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Our Non-Physical Energy Personality

Believe you are the non-physical personality you are. Your non-physical personality is unlimited by design. Your inner personality was born into flesh to materialize the great spontaneity and joy of consciousness.

That’s three lines from my new Novel Screenplay, “Pine Cine Pandemic With Acorn Dressing.” We rarely think about the non-physical part of us unless we’re in church wondering where our soul will end up when we take our last breath. Going to church helps people connect to what religion calls our “soul.”

Religions separate the soul from the physical part of us. The soul seems to take a beating if we don’t follow the physical rules of our religions. If we beat up our soul hard enough through various choices that didn’t end well, religions tell us we have to pay for all our ill-deeds and thoughts. Instead of achieving eternal bliss, our souls burn in the fire of un-forgiveness.

Western religions knew threatening people with Medieval soul punishment was enough to make religions rule the planet. Religions like to make the rules so we can save our soul. Even though our soul doesn’t need saving.

Western religions don’t change much. They say God sits somewhere else and our soul is subject to different levels of punishment. That thought process activates the fear that runs through our genes. Fear of judgment, separation, power, and saving our soul are all part of our genetic history. And religions help reinforce those fears.

If our soul is hanging out there in non-physical space waiting for religion’s verdict, we feel disconnected. We are not in charge of what our soul will do when the physical part of our consciousness decides to move on. Religions decided to give our souls a minor but painful role in our physical experience.

When we allow religions to dissect us and then inject us with so much fear, we can’t focus on what and how we create. We look at ourselves as searchers waiting for something outside of our self to save us from the fear we learned to embrace.

Believing we are separate from what religion calls “the soul,” is like believing the world is flat. Our soul is who we are, and we are what our soul is. There is no separation. We are multi-dimensional energy personalities who function in more than one reality at the same time.

I like to call my ego and all the dressing I put on my ego over the decades, my physical personality. And I call the non-physical soul part of me, my inner personality. Both personalities are aware of each other because they both are part of my consciousness. My consciousness is the action of the energy I express both physically and non-physically.

Our physical and inner energy personality are aspects of what Western religions call God. My inner personality is part of a vast ocean of energy, in a drop of the ocean of a consciousness that expands as we expand. That inner part of our consciousness is unlimited by design.

The ego has the ability to tune out the inner personality and make its own choices. It’s that free will thing religions talk about. Some of those ego choices turn into hard lessons we came here to learn.

The inner personality part of us doesn’t judge the other part for doing what we are here to do. We experience our physical reality and mass reality to expand our consciousness. Energy is always in motion here and throughout the universe.

We are unlimited by design. We can produce miracles and conquer mind-altering challenges. The ancient Eastern sages knew the best way to experience this physical reality is to form a mental bridge between our endless inner personality and our physical personality. We form that bridge by allowing, appreciating, and abundantly accepting the fact we are responsible for what we experience.