Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Thought Energy

Human beings are born because of the accumulation of Chi. When it accumulates, there is life. There is one Chi that connects and pervades everything in the world.

Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi wrote the 4th-century book, The Great Happiness. In that book, he explains the energy the Chinese call Chi. Zhuangzi claims Chi is an eternal, non-physical life force. That life force is in a constant state of expansion. He also thought physical life has limits, but the amount of things to know has no limits.

Zhuangzi is a relativist precursor. True relativists believe absolute truths do not exist in physical life. Truth is an association with a core belief within a language or culture.

Chi exists around the world, according to Eastern esoteric schools of thought. Non-physical life force and energy flow are the Western words that describe Chi. The Indian word Prana has a similar meaning.

Huangdi, also known as the Yellow Emperor, lived 2,500 years before Zhuangzi. Huangdi developed what is now known as Chinese medicine. He believed Chi is the foundation for all healing. He developed acupuncture to remove self-created internal blockages that limit the flow of Chi through the body.

The ancient Chinese philosophers knew thoughts create physical matter. Our thoughts contain energy from our imagination which is an aspect of our non-physical self or soul. Thought energy flows through layers of our self’s consciousness, and we feel the effects of that motion.

Blocked energy from disturbing emotional thoughts manifests internally and physically in some way. When thought energy tries to change our cellular design, the cells respond. Our cells contain atoms. Atoms are patterns of probabilities. When the cells receive the emotional energy we produce, they react to the probabilities that develop from the atoms in that energy.

Fearful thoughts restrict the energy flow or Chi through our bodies. Stress-free emotional thoughts increase our energy flow. Blocked emotional energy helps create the illnesses we experience.

Our emotional thoughts tell our cells what to do. And our atoms produce the appropriate probabilities based on the energy flow our thoughts give them. Probabilities and our perception of them create what we experience.

Monday, February 14, 2022

Your Narrows

Cameras Rolling Hearts Are Bowling.

Strike And Spare

Don’t Split Hairs In A Cove

Where Love Overflows.

Multicolored Lights Energy Takes A Bite.

Indelible Ink Paint Me Pink

Surrounded In Red Like Souls Just Wed.

A Sprinkle Of Flowers Dress The Hours.

In Chocolate Sauce, Strawberry’s Boss

When Valentines Arrows

Touch Your Narrows.

Happy Valentine’s Day!