Sunday, October 23, 2016

Living In The Wake Of A Wrong Public Myth

Myths are public dreams; dreams are private myths. Joseph Campbell, the American mythologist, writer and lecturer wrote those words. Myths are like a womb. Facts are born from myths. Myths are a natural psychic element. When they are combined with other psychic elements, the result of that marriage is the foundation of organized civilizations. When we accept myths, we call them facts. We also call them truths, and they become the measuring sticks for our experiences. Myths are psychic dramas that unfold, and then produce a theater filled with various realities. Our myths form the patterns that shape our world.

Myths are natural phenomena that develop in another framework of our consciousness. Religions, science, politics and all of our institutions are products of our psychic myths. We like to mold myths to suit our ever-changing beliefs, intents, and perceptions. We like to standardize our myths, and when that happens, we tie them to the world of facts. Facts are handy, but they are a weak representation of reality, so we begin to misread the original myth. When myths become too factual, they become less real because the energy within those factual myths becomes constrained. Facts identify some experiences as real and other experiences as unreal.

Our psychic myths exist in a framework where all possibilities dwell. That framework creates myths like the ocean creates grains of sand. Facts are reinforced by symbols and emotional perceptions. Those associations dilute original psychic myths. The current election is an example of two of those diluted myths. One factual myth is competing against another factual myth, and the facts constantly change based on beliefs and perceptions of the people presenting those myths.The right myth may be the wrong one, and wrong myth may be the right one in politics because the original myth changes due to the mass emotional perceptions, facts, and symbols that mingle with current political myths.

The notion that myths are public dreams and dreams are private myths is a fact that explains why individuals live in a reality where they want to be right living in the wake of a wrong public myth.