Thursday, November 24, 2022

Body Romance

Just One Of Those Holiday Things.

Turn It On. Food Is Born.

Uncles And Aunts Turkey And Plants.

Meat And Three. Glory Be!

Ride That Ham And Jam

Thanksgiving Sam, I Am.


Pumpkin Pie Wasn’t Shy

When Coffee And Cream

Threw The Eating Dream

Into Overtime.

Belly’s In The Grip Of A Flip.

Come Friday,

Life Is Less Gas —


More Body Romance.

Best Thanksgiving Wishes!

Friday, November 4, 2022

Sack Of Slack

Lights Turn Down. There Goes The Crown.

Speed Bump Slow. Democracy’s Light

Has A Blinking Glow

In This Holy Gospel Show.

Land Of Tricks And Lawyer Dicks.

Law’s The Ball In A Criminal Crawl.

Foxy Suits. Gangster Gluts.

Voters Stuck In Denier Poop.

Constitution Maul. Greedy Claws.

Crabs Side-Step In And Freedom Spins.

On The Steps Where Truth Downs Some Gin.

Password Style. Lies Run Wild.

On Notes The Courts Wrote

Sitting On The Back

Of A Big Ass

Sack Of Slack.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

In Crocs Plastic Shoes

Self-Dozing Dream Posing.

Hocus Pokus That Non-Physical Focus!


Lying Cats Swing Savage Bats.

Rusty Nails Fall Off The Rails.

Lush Mountains Turn Fire Frail.

Vivid Memories Resume Then Bloom

In A Wall-Less Room.

Political Dance Seems Out Of Tune.

Reality Blinks And Thoughts Sink

Deep In The Art Where Creation Starts.

Daylight Comes. Alarms Strum.

House Of Two Is That You?

In Crocs Plastic Shoes?

Friday, September 23, 2022

In Human Muffins

Breaking News. Earth’s Got Some Shifty Moves.

Dripping Wet. Drought Places A Bet.

Fires Burn. Volcanos Yearn.

Glaciers Drop At The Flop.

Energy’s Hissy Fits

In A World Of Pissy Blips.

Close The Lid. Box Wants To Bid.

On The Thoughts That Tumble And Toss

In The Wind Of Original Sin.

Stars Agreed Freedom’s Free

Long Before Religion Grew Thorns

On The Button

In Human Muffins.

Sunday, August 21, 2022

In Gray Hair

Double Down. Beliefs Wear Crowns

At The Door Of Reality’s Store.

Forget The Blame. Jesus Did The Same.

Thoughts Like Rain Can Turn Into Religious Trains.

Controlled Gain In Flowering Pain.

Degeneration Switch Does The Flip When

Weary Bones Groan And Take Back Their Throne.

Moments Of Stress Are No Longer Guests.

Backdoor Light. Fear Runs From Sight.

Cause Psycho-Time Is A Mighty Find.

Riches Dress In A Happy Mess.

Cells Don’t Mind.

Regeneration Broom Cleans The Room.

It Shakes The Air

With Electromagnetic Flair


In Grey Hair

Monday, July 4, 2022

Love Calms Things Down

Independence Day! Flagg Stands And Prays!

Stars And Stripes Caught In Fright.

Autocrat Is Up To Bat

Swinging Low And Raking In Dough.

Mind Control’s Where Slippery Eagles Roll.

Stars Galore Walk Thru That Door

Into Cells Where Energy Roars.

Trillions In Debt, Healthcare Train Wreck.

Congress Times Two Is Quite A Zoo.

It’s Rear End Stench Hits The Bench.

Pieces Of Differences. Specs Of Crust.

Marks Of Physical Rust

In Every Thrust.

Holy Truck Earth’s In Flux

Beards Of Fear Attract Lots Of Peers

In A Foggy Mist

Where Freedom Does The Twist.

It’s A Swan Ball, History Brawl.

Broken Fences Revenge Consensus

Legions Of Ruffled Clowns

Continue To Frown.

They Forget.

Love Calms Things Down.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

In Your Parking Lot

Planets Line Up. Freedom Takes A Dump

In The Court Of Partisan Torts.

Supreme Cream Fell Off Its Beam

Justices Drool On History’s Spool.

Time To Drain The Golden Pool.

Snarly Laws Twist And Turn

Prick and Burn

Independence From Its Turn.

Criminal Clams Wrapped In Ham

Stash The Cash In Dog-Water Fash.

Truth Has Soul. Judges Mold.

Choice Remorse Rides A Dead Horse

On The Wake Perceptions Make.

Fetus Knows When To Come

And When To Run.

Right To Live Is An Inward Trip.

Right To Die Never Wonders Why.

Religious Crooks Cooked The Books

In A Big Ass Blind Spot

In Your Parking Lot.