Friday, May 20, 2016

Uneducated Education

We live in a field of probabilities, and our path in that field is not determined. The vast field of probabilities opens the door for free will. If this field of probabilities didn’t exist, the probable events and actions we encounter would have no meaning. In other words, our choices would have no meaning. The other interesting fact about this field of probabilities is our molecules and cells react to it in their own way.

Through our conscious choices, we make an impact on the mass reality. The mass reality is composed of multitudinous choices. Choices are rooted in impulses. Impulses are the urges that create action, so choices are the decisions we make from the various impulses we create. Many of our impulses are conscious ones, but there are impulses that come from deep within the psyche. Each cell in the body feels these impulses toward action and a response and some form of communication results from that feeling. We are taught not to trust our impulses, and that creates the stress that blocks the free flow of action. That action is the force of energy that circulates through the bodies and consciousness of all things.

Our impulses come from a bank of information and knowledge. We overlook that bank when we learn the how our objective world functions. This bank’s knowledge is innate, spontaneous and can automatically be received by the cells in the body if it is not blocked by the uneducated education we receive from our educational system.

Impulses are a response, and if these responses are not restricted by fear or some radical belief system they always protect our best interest. The deep distrust in impulses is the result of our training to trust reason and intellect instead of impulses. Our reasoning and intellectual process are also spontaneous, but they are overshadowed by our belief system. Our belief system is tainted by an assortment of man-made fallacies. Beliefs impact our ability to follow the avenue of natural, private expressions. That means the excertion of our natural mental and physical power is restricted. The world we see and feel around us is a product of the distorted awareness of our innate impulses.