Monday, April 8, 2019

Our Non-Physical Energy Personality

Believe you are the non-physical personality you are. Your non-physical personality is unlimited by design. Your inner personality was born into flesh to materialize the great spontaneity and joy of consciousness.

That’s three lines from my new Novel Screenplay, “Pine Cine Pandemic With Acorn Dressing.” We rarely think about the non-physical part of us unless we’re in church wondering where our soul will end up when we take our last breath. Going to church helps people connect to what religion calls our “soul.”

Religions separate the soul from the physical part of us. The soul seems to take a beating if we don’t follow the physical rules of our religions. If we beat up our soul hard enough through various choices that didn’t end well, religions tell us we have to pay for all our ill-deeds and thoughts. Instead of achieving eternal bliss, our souls burn in the fire of un-forgiveness.

Western religions knew threatening people with Medieval soul punishment was enough to make religions rule the planet. Religions like to make the rules so we can save our soul. Even though our soul doesn’t need saving.

Western religions don’t change much. They say God sits somewhere else and our soul is subject to different levels of punishment. That thought process activates the fear that runs through our genes. Fear of judgment, separation, power, and saving our soul are all part of our genetic history. And religions help reinforce those fears.

If our soul is hanging out there in non-physical space waiting for religion’s verdict, we feel disconnected. We are not in charge of what our soul will do when the physical part of our consciousness decides to move on. Religions decided to give our souls a minor but painful role in our physical experience.

When we allow religions to dissect us and then inject us with so much fear, we can’t focus on what and how we create. We look at ourselves as searchers waiting for something outside of our self to save us from the fear we learned to embrace.

Believing we are separate from what religion calls “the soul,” is like believing the world is flat. Our soul is who we are, and we are what our soul is. There is no separation. We are multi-dimensional energy personalities who function in more than one reality at the same time.

I like to call my ego and all the dressing I put on my ego over the decades, my physical personality. And I call the non-physical soul part of me, my inner personality. Both personalities are aware of each other because they both are part of my consciousness. My consciousness is the action of the energy I express both physically and non-physically.

Our physical and inner energy personality are aspects of what Western religions call God. My inner personality is part of a vast ocean of energy, in a drop of the ocean of a consciousness that expands as we expand. That inner part of our consciousness is unlimited by design.

The ego has the ability to tune out the inner personality and make its own choices. It’s that free will thing religions talk about. Some of those ego choices turn into hard lessons we came here to learn.

The inner personality part of us doesn’t judge the other part for doing what we are here to do. We experience our physical reality and mass reality to expand our consciousness. Energy is always in motion here and throughout the universe.

We are unlimited by design. We can produce miracles and conquer mind-altering challenges. The ancient Eastern sages knew the best way to experience this physical reality is to form a mental bridge between our endless inner personality and our physical personality. We form that bridge by allowing, appreciating, and abundantly accepting the fact we are responsible for what we experience.