Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Genius Of Consciousness

We cannot escape the fact that the world we know is constructed in order and thus in such way as to be able to see itself. That indeed is amazing. Not so much in view of what it sees, although this may appear fantastic enough, but in respect of the fact that it can see at all.

G.Spencer Brown wrote those thoughts in the 1969 book, Laws of Form. Brown is describing our innate genius, as well as the genius that exists in other forms of life. Genius is alive and it thrives in all forms of life, but we tend to discount other forms of genius because they do not conform to the standard we established for that word.

For example, butterflies give us insight into our innate beauty. Butterflies are a form of genius, and we are deeply connected to them. We ignore that connection because we believe humans are a separate life form that has no peers. There are countless stories of butterflies arriving after the death of a love one, and getting uncannily close to the grieving individual. No words are exchanged during these interludes, but there is a distinct sense that the butterfly is there to deliver some sort of message. That message is not verbal; it is vibrational.

We see this other world when we pull ourselves away from the rational reality we swear by, and allow our genius to wander through our mental fields of knowing. In that field the butterfly consciousness within us flies through our mind field of misconceptions, and we recognize genius for what it does― it see itself in physical form in order to change.


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